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  1. I am from Holland and the last time I checked it wasn't a part of the US so I will make up from which state I am.
  2. Well, I'd say just finish up this election quick so we can all move to the new and better board.
  3. Hey thanks I haven't really be active lately due to school, but I'm off this week so I plan to get read up on everything I missed with the elections here. I'll also post my platform very soon so everyone knows how I feel about things.
  4. Saw you, and you did the same thing I did: registered wrong. I forget the (D) thing behind my nickname, so I will have to wait for my account to be deleted so I can retry.
  5. I'm a liberal who has voted for HardRightConservative, because I don't think there should be a spammer in the White House. But the most important reason is that I very much dislike SSVegeta's nickname because I can't stand Dragonball Z! Btw, HRC, if you win, I think you should have a someone from the other party in your cabinet and I think that should be me.
  6. The homepage said that the update would be released within 'several weeks', until today. They deleted that line so I take it they can't promise a release very shortly anymore. That's a real shame, but then, even if it comes out in two months, I'll still enjoy playing it. Although ofcourse I would prefer to play it next week.
  7. Please name some scenario's that are biased in your opinion.
  8. Well, you could simply make some scenario changes to do that. Just split a state into several districts and there you have it.
  9. Well, season 5 is new and non-US channels have only been able to buy that series since a few months (after NBC finished it's initial run). If they've shown everything up to the season 4 finale (with Zoey's kidnapping) I'm sure they're negotiating with Warner Bros about the season 5 broadcasting rights and they'll air it soon. Here in Holland they're showing season 2 for the first time right now, so we're quite behind. Fortunately there is the DVD so I can still watch whenever I like. And next week is the region 2 dvd release of West Wing season 4 and have already pre-ordered it from amazon.
  10. Hey, don't be angry at Tony. He's not in any way obligated to create any updates for our favorite game but he voluntarily uses his own time to do so. I'm very glad that he does and whenever it will be released, I'll be very happy with it. Or would you rather have that he released it now full with bugs and unfinished options?
  11. Thanks It is my only scenario so far, but two others are on the way. I sometimes doubt if I have made Robert Ritchie too weak a candidate, but then, in WW he WAS weak and Bartlet won by a landslide. Also, I hope you liked the option to use John Hoynes as independent. It was a scenario discussed in a season 3 episode where they were considering dropping Hoynes from the ticket and picking either Percy Fitzwallace (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs) or Leo McGarry (White House Chief of Staff) as running mate. In such a scenario Hoynes would run as independent and steal at least 10 to 15 percent of
  12. I didn't know that, but I just read about it. It was after the convention. I really don't understand how this is possible. After all, Eagleton was nominated at the convention as official VP candidate. How can he just be dropped after being democratically chosen? Can anybody shed some light on the situation please?
  13. Is it really so much trouble to look through the number of threads to find your answer?
  14. This has been suggested a few times earlier, and it's on Tony's 'good ideas' list. It might make it to a future version.
  15. They've been left intact, with the exception of Saudi Arabia. This has been expanded by the countries south: Yemen, Oman, United Arab Emirates. This new big country has been renamed to 'Arabia' since that's the official name of the entire peninsula. Today I finished the Middle East, Asia, and Australia. Only Africa is left to be done. I think I made some good grouping, especially in Asia. The only problem is Israel, which is actually too small for a map, but can't be grouped with any other country in the world. I might make a dot somewhere else in the map which you can click too, like they
  16. I've got a scenario idea for primaries: a post WW2 historical nomination. You know, like the Battle Royal scenario with timetravel. Battling for the democrat nomination: Harry Truman, John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton Battling for the republican nomination: Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush I'd love to have a scenario with John Kennedy vs Ronald Reagan vs George Wallace vs Ross Perot
  17. Bush is receiving a bounce in almost all states, so also in Illinois, but there's no doubt about the state being in Kerry's pocket on november 2nd. California is seeing similar progress, but on election day those 55 electoral votes will definately go to Kerry. Both states have such high democratic favorability that a slight bounce for the opponent doesn't matter. They stay solid democratic states.
  18. Me too. I look forward to beating the crap out of John Kerry with Howard Dean!
  19. A VP candidate would never defect. Crusaders wouldn't either, because before defecting, I doubt Zenn Miller was on the campaign trail for Kerry. People who defect always have a history of not liking the current candidate. People who actively campaign for a candidate are so convinced by what they're doing that they wouldn't defect. Zenn Miller was never a real democrat and probably never campaigned for a democratic presidential hopeful. Often defections don't come as a big surprise (if you're not blind to political reality). Everyone on a ticket will stay on the ticket because people know tha
  20. P4E came with 4 scenarios: 1960, 1980, 1992 and 2004. With which primary scenario's will the new version come? I'm sure it will feature 2004, but will it feature other historic primaries? Personally, I would love to see the 1980 primary added, with Ted Kennedy trying to win the democratic nomination instead of Jimmy Carter, and Ronald Reagan finally getting nominated himself. 2000 republican would be amazing too, with George W. Bush vs John McCain. I'd love to play McCain in that one and kick W's ass, while still being a republican! My favorite would be the 1968 democratic primary, with Jo
  21. Unless the release is delayed for 3,5 years ofcourse
  22. What about turning that idea into: campaign manager forever? Since P4E is based on elections, your career would really consist of helping politicians run for office. You would start by helping someone get election mayor of a city, then run that help run that same guy or another guy for state senate. Then for US house, state governor, US senate, and finally for president. The more elections you win the more people will want to hire you. If you lose all mayor races there's nobody who will hire you to help them run for governor. Also, the game will remember how negative your campaigns are, which
  23. I agree with candidates dropping out, but I reckon it will be hell to program the computer when he should drop out. The computer has no feeling and can't decide for himself whether he thinks it's best for the country to drop out and endorse someone else. Nader could drop out last-minute because he really wants to get rid of Bush. His anti-Bush sentiment would outweight his personal idiology. But I doubt you could program a computer that way. But IF it would be possible it would be cool. Last minute drop ins aren't a good idea I think, because one has to gain access to ballots to run, and you
  24. Candidates can't drop their running mates after the conventions because they've been democratically chosen as VP nominee by the party.
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