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  1. I think that means that he's got a masters degree or something. It sounds logical because other guy has (B.Sc), which I think would mean Bachelor of Science.
  2. I was just thinking, doesn't the question "which would rather have done?" imply that Dan Rather could've created P4E instead of Tony?
  3. Yea, I'm doing the Dutch scenario. I suppose I should finish that soon
  4. I started a few months ago but due to time restraints I stopped. I have so far done all countries but the African ones.
  5. In a restaurant you can only wait. Now don't tell me you've just been waiting in the couple of months and haven't slept, eaten or done anything but staring at this website. Besides, waiting for food, one of the basic human needs, cannot be compared to waiting for a computer game.
  6. Primaries and then online play When that's done more PM4E
  7. Any, but please not another 2008 scenario. We've already got tons of those. NYC post-9/11 sounds interesting I think. But I wonder why nobody has done an Afghanistan 2004 or Iraq 2005 scenario yet. Or the upcoming election for an Arafat-replacement, a new Chairman of the Palestinian Authority. We really need Middle-East scenarios. Also interesting would be Taiwan (the free but by China claimed island), or Indonesia 2004 with President Megawatti and winner Susilo Bangbang Yudhojono (sp?)
  8. Uhm, isn't it so that the president himself can set the terror level?
  9. Would it be possible to add a small hidden feature which allows you to trigger an instantaneous election? The game would then immediately jump to the final election night screen and vote based on the current situation. It should be a cheat code which developers can use to test their new scenario's and for people who like to cheat just when they find out they're ahead in the polls. But the election screen should then somehow reflect this cheating so you can't go around bragging about a cheated election. Perhaps it's possible to change "... HAS WON THE ELECTION!" to "... HAS STOLEN THE ELECTIO
  10. Why come on? It's annoying to read crappy posts like 'wow' after quoting two huge images. Now I could understand if you posted a 1000-word long comment on that post, but you are just wasting topic space. It's just spam. But I guess that figures since you apparently posted 400 messages in less than 4 weeks.
  11. Do you really have to quote the entire post just to say 'wow'?
  12. Ever since watching "The West Wing" my answer is a senior white house staffer. Legislative Liason or something like that: meeting the president about policy and then going to capitol hill to screw senators and congressmen!
  13. I will I will release two version of the scenario, a dutch version and an english one. I think that you have more of a dutch feeling of all the issues and newspaper articles are in dutch, but I don't want it to be a scenario for dutch-only, so I will do a translation. Btw, I recently added the Dutch antilles and Aruba (islands in de caribean) to the map. Right now the Netherlands, the Dutch antilles and the island of Aruba are part of the Kingdom, but I assume that if Holland would become a republic under a President the entire kingdom would be able to vote for it's head of state. So you c
  14. I've been too busy to work on it lately, but I promise to finish it soon.
  15. You forgot to include the world's most powerful nation which to many is a foreign country: The United States of America
  16. Thanks for the update Tony! I look very much forward to playing it. Come to think of it: would it be possible to give us an early screenshot of a primaries race? Just to keep us occupied?
  17. What group decision? I have not seen any topic with a poll where everyone could vote on whether or not the election should be stopped. That is because a handful of people (all democrats I believe) decided that by themselves. *sigh* Well, on second thought: don't bother to consult everyone on ending the election. Perhaps it's better to just stop this entire crap, because people have proven that they can't even hold a simple election for fun without making trouble. I really thought this would be a spiritful election, but it's turned into a children's fight. That's really sad because this coul
  18. So now you are also in charge of the election process and are calling the elections off? This is not YOUR election. It's the board election. If you want to withdraw yourself from the race that's fine, but you cannot just call the entire election off.
  19. I still have enough patience to wait, but I have to agree on this one. Tony, I don't mind if we have to wait another month for the update, but please tell us about it. I'd rather have bad news, than no news at all!
  20. To take care of corruption, we need voter registration. Before the election everyone who whishes to vote has to register, so people can't create new accounts during the elections. And we set a minimum posts someone has to make before he can vote, so there are no existing cloned users with 0-votes that participate. Also, if we have the names of the voters in advance, we can ask Tony to check if people aren't using the same IP. That would be fair I think, but we need an impartial manager to run the election. I'd say we declare this election invalid and do it again.
  21. After seriously reading everyone's platform and reading posts I came to the wise conclusion of voting for dems4america. He will make an excellent president!
  22. So you are changing your attitude in order to get elected as VP. Then how do we know we can trust you as VP?
  23. A question for Keyes on his 'majority is right' point of view: Are you saying that Bush shouldn't be president? Because the majority of the people chose Al Gore in 2000. Anyway, here is my platform I hadn't posted yet: 1 left, 8 center-left, 6 center, 3 center-right Abortion.......................... Center-Right Affirmative Action............. Center Balanced Budget.............. Center-Left Business Tax................... Center Campaign Finance............ Center-Left Ecology........................... Center-Left Education........................ Center Free Trade................
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