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  1. Confirmed. This weekend's release fixed the problem for me.
  2. Unfortunately version 1.6.5 is also crashing when I try to start a game. Whichever game (primaries on or off, different scenarios) I set up, after candidate selection it pops up the message window "Creating game ... Please wait.", and at the same time an error message: '0.1' is not a valid floating point value.
  3. I'm having the same problem where I can't get past the selection of candidates. The game just shuts down without showing an error. I tried: - Selecting different scenarios and candidates - Deselecting Spies, Fog of War and Primaries - Turning off Sounds, Inline Help, and Autosave in the options screen - Changing human vs computer to human vs human (in case the AI caused the problem) None of these helped. I'm playing on OSX 10.9.3 (the latest version).
  4. I found that President Forever 2016 did not have a facebook presence yet, so I took the liberty of creating a page myself. www.facebook.com/PresidentForever2016 So for all fellow P4E fans: be sure to like the page and suggest it to friends so 270soft can continue its work.
  5. Great! Just one minor thing: VP debate prep can now be cancelled in the bottom button row, but not in the small debate prep popup window. Not a crucial issue, but probably a small easy fix for the next release.
  6. Well, I don't know how P4E is programmed, but couldn't you simply show/hide and move buttons in the interface? Put the VP button in third place once a VP has been selected, and move the other buttons slightly to the right. Wouldn't it work something like: IF ( VP_selected=1 ) { vp_button = on position_button3 = +50 pixels position_button4 = +50 pixels etc. } Or does this sound stupid? I just tried again, and found that it's limited to the activities issue knowledge and debate prep, but the problem occurs all the time. All other activities don't have a problem an
  7. I only very recently bought President Forever 2012, not having played the previous game for a long while, and I must say this is still the most awesome political strategy game there is. In recent years there have been some other political election games, but all focus on graphics and are no good simulation games. The level of detail that P4E has is great, and I love all the new additions to the game. I especially like that you can now court governors for their endorsement, and then actually use them as surrogates. So kudos to 270soft for a still-terrific game! Still, there is room for improve
  8. The 2000 republican primary, as John McCain, determined not to let Karl Rove knock me out of the race.
  9. I'm pretty sure you already did that just now. Looking forward to it.
  10. I remember Sorkin saying that Nixon was generally the last president they used. Any of the living presidents at the time of the show's creation wouldn't exist in the WW world, which includes Ford.
  11. ROFL! Can't you get over some criticism? Get a life, man!
  12. Started working on it weeks ago. But there can't be any release until the primaries version of P4E is out so we'll have to wait for that. Besides, there's very little information about all candidates available now. In early february there will be a 3-episode arc about the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire primary, which will give me a lot of information for the scenario. The candidates currently planned (some already added): Democratic: Santos, Russell, Hoynes, Baker (if he wouldn't drop out), Tripplehorn (senate minority leader as seen in various episodes) and possibly an optional Bartlet ca
  13. Brilliant vegeta, you've just made a negative topic about why you are not too negative. Really, this is pathetic vegeta. That's what children say: "He did it, so I have the right to do it too!" And yes, this is a negative post of me too.
  14. Again you are not reading well. For one, saying some scenario's are good doesn't mean the rest are by definition the opposite: bad. Second, 'all kinds of scenarios' doesn't mean those scenarios have to be made yet. The 'all kinds' means anything that has been made or is yet to be made. Third, even if I would have made such a comment it's redicilous to suggest that one has to comment on every scenario (s)he doesn't like. Not everybody likes to make so many negative posts as you do. Ofcourse that's true, but it's the 'several' part that's important. It doesn't always occur and as long as o
  15. Please read before posting vegeta. I clearly refered to 'those fictional scenarios' I thought were good. Not to all kinds of fictional scenarios. even in non democratic countries there is still always a stuggle between different groups take iraq there was a constant struggle between sunni's and shiet (sp) That is true, but opposite sides in a dictatorship are different from opponents in a democracy. I can't see the republican party starting a guerilla war against the democratic party. So you're gonna have to figure how those division in a country would change after becoming democratic.
  16. Yes, but this scenario would need more research than any other. If you make a scenario on any democratic country you can easily find the different political parties and their positions. In this case none of that exists so you have to do extensive research on the current beliefs of various people in the Middle East. Also, there are no electoral trends available which makes it ever harder to find out what people would vote for. ??? now thats a quote LOL I ment politically realistic. If those fictional scenarios weren't fictional, they would be politically realistic. That's what I wanted
  17. My point wasn't that a fictional scenario wouldn't work, which I pointed out when I said I liked fantasy elections. The scenario from 'The West Wing' is fiction, but the only thing really different are the candidates. America is thesame with it's red and blue states and electoral trends, so it's still good politics. There were more fantasy elections which were realistic within the scope of their own reality. They're fictional, but if they were real it would be realistic. What I merely pointed out was that if the Middle East would have elections you couldn't have anything like a US-style elec
  18. Yea, let's have full democratic elections in the most undemocratic region in the world. Politics as we know them can't exist in the Middle East so it's impossible to hold elections. For one, no political groups exist. They all agree on one important thing: Allah is great. There will not be a liberal stream, a conservative stream or any other political stream. Also, because of the non-existance of political diversity there are no electoral trends available so you'd be making the entire thing up, with the exception of the names of the countries. I like fantasy elections, but I think this one
  19. I was the one who started a world scenario. And I had/have a good portion of the map done, but the problem is that the world is so big and you need big countries if you want them to be well clickable. The divisions you made sound good, but I have it a little different. I re-merged some countries which were seperated in the last few centuries. For example unifying Panama, Colombia, Venezuela and Equador to Gran Colombia, which was a big state until the end of the 19th century. I'm trying to group countries that are similar, but it can never be totally perfect because there are just too many s
  20. Fun to play, American-style Europe. Although there will never be a United Europe based on the US democracy, because Europe is just very different from America.
  21. He says as a courtesy that you should tell him if he is a bad mod, but you should be pollite and not actively seeking negative opinions about Matt. When someone says something nice as 'make yourself at home' you don't actually make it your home.
  22. A president is an elected official who has to serve the people. Controlling that person by rating him is important because (s)he has indirect control over us. A moderator is none of those things. He doesn't even have control over you. If you disagree with him/her you can just leave. Nobody is forcing you to stay on a board with mods you don't like. You're a guest, and will just have to accept how things are run by the admins and mods. They own it and you are only a guest. Act accordingly by not insulting your hosts.
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