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    hahaha nicely said Micheal And its a shame to see this forum go You wont get rid of me so easilly tough, ill come on the replacement forum
  2. In the centre, a bit up and a bit left of centreville.
  3. Economic Left/Right: 4.75 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -0.51 Had the test ended on page 4 I would be a lot more conservative than this. Being unreligious and not giving a *** about other people sexual life moved my score leftwards.
  4. What I don't like about PR tough is than it would produce a minority 95% of the time. I like the stability of FPTP, even tough it's undemocratic at times... I'm torn in beetween my desire for more democracy and my desire for a stable governement :S
  5. Harper get 2.1 million more votes than Duceppe but get 2 less seats.. that'S really ***ed up!
  6. LOL Manning look so ugly on that picture. Poor guy.
  7. First time I see the Bloc lower than 50. Good job
  8. Neat. Did you focussed all your attacks on Harper? When playing as the Libs I attack the CPC about 50% of the time and I split the other half in beetween the Bloc and NDP.
  9. Results by region Newfoundland 3 Libs 2 CPC 2 NDP Nova Scotia 10 NDP 1 Liberal PEI 4 Liberal New Brunswick 5 Liberal 3 NDP 2 CPC Northern Québec 27 Bloc Southern Québec 26 Bloc Montréal 14 Bloc 8 Liberals Northern Ontario 25 CPC 6 NDP 4 Liberal Southern Ontario 19 CPC 10 NDP 7 Liberal Toronto E 11 Liberal 4 NDP 3 CPC Toronto W 8 Liberal 5 NDP 4 CPC Manitoba 7 NDP 5 CPC 2 Liberal Saskatchewan 7 CPC 6 NDP 1 Liberal Alberta 27 CPC 1 Liberal BC 10 CPC 9 NDP 2 Liberal Vancouver 9 NDP 5 Liberal Territories 2 NDP 1 Liberal Total 104 CPC 73 NDP 67 Bloc 63 Liberal 1 Green , didnt bothered to check where he is I got the title of Stephen Harper the average
  10. OMG someone please shot me if this ever happens in real life! Damn attacking martin all the time only permitted layton to come up in the middle
  11. O, and is it me or are speeches useless? They almost never make the news - for me at least - and they give no noticeable advantage unlike brainstorm which helps momentum and voting intentions
  12. Well you got a point.. and even at 3 ridings I wouldnt go they're more than a turn in the campaign. like I do for PEI.
  13. Pretty good, the only change I would make on that map would be to merge the 3 northern ridings in one campaigning terriroty. Who bother to campaign a full turn for 1 single riding, really?
  14. I followed your tips and I won.. barely!! I ran out of money at the end of the campaign.. had the campaign lasted one more week I would had been dead At one point I was leading everywhere excepted the North and Québec.. but the liberals did a nice job coming back and I owe one to the NDP for weakening the libs in BC! As well I must thank the bloc for limiting the libs to a mere 6 seats in QC.
  15. I suck Any tips how to get better? I was Harper BTW.. this was quite pitful
  16. Jean Seb

    Good bye!

    Sucks to see you go dude You'll always be welcome here. And PM me if yo uever come to Ottawa, we'll go grab a beer or something (sorry to steal yo line Tony )
  17. I would change one thing to that map tough. I would merge the 3 northern territories together. Doesnt make sense to waste a precious turn for a single seat.
  18. Light blue is the commonly used colour for the bloc.
  19. This is a good idea. I approve
  20. You won Texas with Kuccinich Woah, good job.
  21. My preference 1 - Conservative, DUH 2 - Green - purpose of this poll 3 - NDP - Dont like em too much, but at least they seems honest 4 - Marijuana - If I trow my vote out the window, might as well make it funny 5 - Anyone, excepted.. 6- Liberal - Corrupted 7- Bloc - A separatist party have no place in the parliament of the country they want to destroy.
  22. List of adresses for those who want to give Action Against Hunger 247 West 37th Street, Suite 1201 New York, NY 10018 212-967-7800 http://www.aah-usa.org American Jewish World Service 45 West 36th Street, 10th Floor New York, NY 10018 800-889-7146 http://www.ajws.org ADRA International 9-11 Fund 12501 Old Columbus Pike Silver Spring, MD 20904 800-424-2372 http://www.adra.org American Friends Service Committee (AFSC Crisis Fund) 1501 Cherry Street Philadelphia, PA 215-241-7000 http://www.afsc.org Catholic Relief Services PO Box 17090 Baltimore, MD 21203-7090 800-736-3467 http://www.catholicrelief.org Direct Relief International 27 South La Patera Lane Santa Barbara, CA 93117 805-964-4767 http://www.directrelief.org Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres PO Box 2247 New York, NY 10116-2247 888-392-0392 http://www.doctorswithoutborders.org International Medical Corps 1919 Santa Monica Boulevard Suite 300 Santa Monica CA 90404 800-481-4462 http://www.imcworldwide.org International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies PO Box 372 CH-1211 Geneva 19 Switzerland 41-22-730-4222 http://www.ifrc.org/ International Orthodox Christian Charities Middle East Crisis Response PO Box 630225 Baltimore, MD 21263-0225 877-803-4622 http://www.iocc.org Lutheran World Relief PO Box 17061 Baltimore MD 21298-9832 800-597-5972 http://www.lwr.org MAP International 2200 Glynco Parkway PO Box 215000 Brunswick, GA 3121-5000 800-225-8550 http://www.map.org Mercy Corps PO Box 2669 Portland, OR 97208 800-852-2100 http://www.mercycorps.org Northwest Medical Teams PO Box 10 Portland, OR 97207-0010 503-624-1000 http://www.nwmedicalteams.org Operation USA 8320 Melrose Avenue, Ste. 200 Los Angles, CA 90069 800-678-7255 http://www.opusa.org Relief International 11965 Venice Blvd. #405 Los Angeles, CA 90066 800-572-3332 http://www.ri.org Save the Children Asia Earthquake/Tidal Wave Relief Fund 54 Wilton Road Westport, CT 06880 800-728-3843 www.savethechildren.org US Fund for UNICEF 333 East 38th Street New York, NY 10016 800-FOR-KIDS http://www.unicefusa.or World Concern 19303 Fremont Ave. N Seattle, WA 98133 800-755-5022 http://www.worldconcern.org World Relief 7 E. Baltimore St. Baltimore, MD 21202 443-451-1900 http://www.wr.org World Vision PO Box 70288 Tacoma, Washington 98481-0288 888-56-CHILD http://www.worldvision.org
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