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  1. Yeah, that George Bush is quite the big mouth, isn't he?
  2. But he supports giving them work cards. I don't see how he can reconcile those two positions.
  3. No, I'm not a Democrat. I just like your style!
  4. Me, too. Except for his prudish sexual mores he is usually pretty entertaining. I love one word posts.
  5. I'm thinking of working on the 1792 election if no one else is. I'm going to have 4 slots, the first two for the Federalist Party and the second two for the Democratic-Republican party. I'm going to set up the D-R slots so that you can choose any 2 of the 3 D-R candidates for that year. I have a couple of questions for experienced scenario designers: 1) (not game related) Why was the second Presidential election held only 3 years after the first? 2) What are some favorite resources for issues and regionalism?
  6. We need to have the ability to fire or at least inactivate spies. We shouldn't be stuck with expenses that we have no control over. If you fire a spy there should be a chance of a negative news story as your spy goes public with what you had him doing. There should be some kind of penalty as well for inactivating a spy, perhaps a chance of him quitting or flipping, requiring you to start all over again when you want another spy.
  7. This seems like a good spot to drop a question on an existing historical scenario. In the 1789 scenario Washington vs. Adams, it has Ben Franklin as Adams' running mate. It has Franklin's homestate as Massachusetts. Shouldn't this be Pennsylvania? It also has Washington with a Leadership of 5 and his running mate of Jefferson having Leadership +1. Does the game recognize abilities that go over 5, such as this one? Does Jefferson's +1 Leadership have any effect on the game in this case?
  8. I just finished one that was pretty interesting. 2004 as Kerry/Edwards vs. Bush/Cheney. This was probably one of the most exciting defeats I ever played. I had all options turned on and included Nader and the Libertarian (why isn't Badnarik available in the 2004 campaign?). The whole game was back and forth, back and forth. By the end of election night it was Bush with 267 Electoral Votes and Kerry with 268, with only Alaska left to report in. I never even visited Alaska during the whole campaign so I figured I was doomed. I was right. Final tally: Bush 270 Kerry 268 Wild. I lost by 2 votes
  9. JGeorge666


    Where does one find information on what this patch changes/fixes?
  10. Perhaps he's just emulating the Republicans in the two debates we've seen so far?
  11. I'm not sure I understand what Dynamism actually is. Can someone explain it to me in a way other than what the help file has?
  12. Does this mean that the scenario that came with PM4E - Canada is no longer current? Does PM4E - Australia make PM4E - Canada obsolete, and all scenarios should be transferred to the PM4E directory?
  13. But we have to consider that this is based on the given candidate winning their party's nomination. With that in mind I don't see a problem with the polling data.
  14. I'm confused. Aren't a lot of these scenarios already available?
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