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  1. Once you have the lock on the nomination, I'd like to see all the opposing candidates to either withdraw or rally behind the new leader. I doubt the RNC or DNC would allow anyone to keep trashing the party's candidate for the general election. The game should switch to general election mode at this point for that party
  2. No. Energy levels or CPs dosn't change the situation.
  3. Let's not forget that reckless taxcuts by the republicans has increased the national debt to 8.7 Trillion dollars or 65% of the GDP. In two years, it will be over 9 trillion dollards. I think it will become a growing concern.
  4. I'm playing as Powell in the 2004 republican primaries and in every game, at some point (Usually after the first 10 weeks), Powell only does the first 1-2 day(s) of the week's schedule and then rests the remaining of the time.
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