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  1. Any chance of including a PBEM mode? All it would mean is picking more than one human player and instead of going immediately to the next candidate after clicking end turn you would see a blank screen with a prompt for the next player to continue. A password prompt would also be nice.
  2. Any chance of a proper PBEM facility? It would be great if pressing end turn with PBEM mode on would automatically zip up the save and prompt the next player for a password to start his turn.
  3. They didn't give up trying to find him, they just downgraded the priority. My point was that President Bush's leadership of the intelligence effort to locate Osama bin Laden wasn't much good.
  4. The bin Laden section in the CIA was created under President Clinton in 1996. It was disbanded under President Bush in 2005.
  5. Are there any plans to include a play by e-mail mode? It would be great if after ending your turn the game automatically generated a save and displayed a password prompt for the next player. You can PBEM at the moment, but it's very difficult not to sneak a peek at your opponent's operation, even if you're trying not to.
  6. http://theoryspark.com/political_games/prime_minister_forever_uk_2010/purchase/index.htm Perhaps a kindly worded e-mail to Theoryspark asking for a part refund?
  7. If you already own 2005 you can purchase 2010 for just $9.95 (£6.64).
  8. Is the update saved game compatible or will I have to start again?
  9. Great game! I bought it the moment the e-mail informing me of the game fell into my inbox. As for suggestions, well, I agree that the following would be great for election night: Constituency by constituency reporting. Reports should come in through the wee hours of the morning, not early evening. Swingometer, both nationally, regionally and for each constituency. Coalition government. I would also like to see the following: When election night is over and you click ok you're immediately taken back to the main menu. I would like to be given the opportunity to review the election res
  10. I would suggest that it is weighed too heavily in favour of the incumbent. I would expect having difficulty striking out from the bastions of Democratic support in New York and California, but the scenario has Bush riding high in all 50 states from the beginning.
  11. As far as I'm concerned, this game is broken. I've just tried the 2004 scenario on medium difficulty as Clarke and despite being so popular with the party that I didn't have to do any campaigning after Mini Tuesday, every single state was polling in favour of Bush. I had managed to wrench New England into the undecided camp by the time of the DNC, only to lose it after I dropped thirty points across the board upon securing the nomination. 80soft, please, please, please fix this!
  12. In case anyone wanted the specific rule... 20th Amendment, Section 3: "If, at the time fixed for the beginning of the term of the President, the President elect shall have died, the Vice President elect shall become President."
  13. I believe I experienced the same thing. I was running a game where I had removed all the candidates and replaced them with the personae of certain members of a forum I frequent. The candidate stats were all equal except for their political platforms. As soon as the Republican Primaries had been whittled down to just two prospective nominees the usual red-state blue-state divide shifted entirely blue and remained as such until polling day: The Republican candidate who eventually won the nomination does have some radical leftists views on some issues, but he's to the right on most issues a
  14. Hello all. I'm using the candidate editor in the stock game to replace the Republican and Democrat candidates with members of a forum I use. I've decided that there should be an even playing field so the candidates are all exactly the same except for their political platforms. I do however, want the home state bonus to be represented in the game and I would like to know whether this bonus manifests itself solely in the home state percentages for each candidate, or whether the game itself handles this (I would guess as a momentum boost for campaigning in the state). Many thanks!
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