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  1. i think it would be worth dropping one of the other issues to allow for the 'time for a change' issue - after all this underlies the current alp campaign and probably will underpin the actual result [if labor win]... maybe ditch nuclear power? on the state suggestions i think i mean that in wa and sa it seems to easy for labour to gain but the initial strength settings seem right to me so it isn't a question of boosting the coalition - i think how ever regionalism works [?] means labour gains more in wa and sa in response to barnstorming/tv adds etc. than other states [esp. qld where i do th
  2. thanks Anthony, on first playing I think the beta seems to catch the flavour of the current race quite well, it certainly is [and should be] hard for the coalition to win and the general sort of result [without doing anything odd or extreme - or 'cheating'] i get is alp around 93 to 98 seats which is not bad for the game [personally i think in the election they'll get between 88 and 91 though I would love to see them head towards 100]... i don't suppose the market is there for an upgraded game engine - it would have been nice to play with the additional features of the UK or canadian game -
  3. As another of your UK users I would also love to Beta test the UK version!!! One specific aspect I can help test for is how well it runs in emulation on the MAC - for all us MAC users out there . In the UK version i hope the smaller [but crucial] Scottish and Welsh nationalists will be included? Also will you be including Northern Ireland with their completely separate political parties? I guess this will be something of a challenge in design terms - 660 seats, 3 main parties, key regional parties, and the ability to include parties like UK Independence [who could well impact the next elect
  4. I managed a landslide for ALP on my first time round with the game: ALP 50% 99 Lib 39% 39 Nats 6% 12 Green 5% - My first thoughts were maybe the scenario was slightly easy on Latham - I didn't think the CPU Howard campaigned that hard [where as the CPU Nats did!]...also Latham seemed to outraise Howard 1.5/1 in funds in first week [after that Latham clearly had the momentum and the funding followed]. Nevertheless being able to play Aussie elections on the best election simulator [bar none] is one of my life's dreams achieved [no irony]...roll on the UK version. Oh yes- first po
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