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  1. Any idea when the full version of PMF Australia 2010 is going to be released? Thanks. Keith
  2. In defense of Theory Spark, I think they may have been blindsided by the calling of an early election by the Australian PM. That simply did not leave them enough time for them to create the first PM game on the new game engine. It sort of stinks that the game will be released after the election, but better it be right and late than sloppy and early. I frankly was surprised that the Australian PM called an early election, thinking it would have made more sense for her to establish her credentials on the job and then drop the writ when it likely would have been dropped anyway, in October. I
  3. So what's the status of this? The election is less than 10 days away? Keith
  4. Prime Minister Gillard just called a snap poll for August 21. http://www.news.com.au/features/federal-election/prime-minister-julia-gillard-calls-federal-election/story-e6frfllr-1225893145471 Keith
  5. How about the addition of a swingometer or election seat calculator? http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/election_2010/8609989.stm Keith
  6. Is this scenario available yet? Keith keithl4170@comcast.net
  7. I'll try it on the Prime Minister Forever Canada 2008 version. keithl4170@comcast.net Thanks.
  8. I'll take NJ and TN. Thanks. keithl4170@comcast.net
  9. Please send me a copy when you have the chance. keithl4170@comcast.net Thanks. Keith
  10. Please may I have a copy? keithl4170@comcast.net Thanks much! Keith A. Layton
  11. Please send me a copy when finished. keithl4170@comcast.net Thanks. Keith A. Layton
  12. Please send me a copy when you have a chance. keithl4170@comcast.net Thanks. Keith A. Layton
  13. This looks good. Please send to keithl4170@comcast.net. Thanks. Keith A. Layton
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