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  1. Actually NO candidate has ever declined the public funding for the GENERAL election not even Bush or Kerry in 2004. For the primary yes but not the general. Gore even took public matching funds in the PRIMARY in 2000
  2. ObamaMama

    New Scenarios

    I also want the scenarios. Its nice they decided to do "Campaigns Forever" which you also have to pay for instead of doing what they said would do when President Forever + Primaries was purchased. They need to live up to there commitment and just do it
  3. I think adding Chris Dodd would be nice too
  4. I just got the lastest update and it like destroyed my game now it says President Forever is not a valid Win32 application??? In a little error box??? Please help!
  5. Frank Keating ended up bowing out but Bill Richardson is in
  6. me as well RLP706@AOL.COM
  7. Well Chris Dodd of CT made it official today. Also on the GOP side looks like Tommy Thompson, Frank Keating and Gilmore are gearing up
  8. Well for Democrats I would add Tom Harkin and Bob Kerrey and maybe Mario Cuomo
  9. We need Vilsack, Obama and Richardson!
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