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  1. CCA

    Germany 2013

    hfrancisco2006@gmail.com please
  2. Yeah, I've tried having a primary challenger for Timonshenko, but in subsequent playtests it's always resulted in the Communists winning due to Timonshenko not having any time to consolidate her position. For the Sovet Democ to have any chance to win at all, they need to have the extra months of consolidation. Have you played the scenario yet? Or did you just have a run through with the classic "Testparty" Thanks for the feedback anyway
  3. The Communist Party of Soviet Union has been in power for nearly 100 years. But democratic reforms, fatigue with the Communist Party, a broken promise, factional infighting within the Party and a renewed and vigorous opposition makes the 2005 Election a crucial one in the nations history. Who will triumph in the factional struggles of the Communist Party? Will the Soviet Democrats end nearly 100 years of Communist rule? Status: Complete Acknowledgement: Some issues were influenced by the Kamchelska Scenario and the Map was taken from the President Forever 2005 Scenario. That being said this
  4. Could someone send this to hfrancisco2006@gmail.com please?
  5. George Wallace Crusaders: - His wife? Issue positions: - There's already issue positions on some of these from the 68 one. I recommend you reuse them. - Of those that don't Poverty Relief FL: Communism is the answer to poverty. L: Massive government intervention is needed. Continue LBJ's War on Poverty. CL: The New Deal had it right on Poverty Relief. Continue the New Deal legacy. C: Poverty must be dealt with by the public, community and private sectors. CR: Poverty relief can be dealt with by tax cuts and community involvement. R: Charity can deal with Poverty relief. FR: Eat the
  6. I'm pretty sure "Alienated Voters" means that these voters will not - under any circumstances, vote for that party...
  7. CCA

    European union

    It's hard for gameengine to cope with several parties - especially when it comes to coalition offers and formation
  8. CCA

    Designer's Log

    Is it still coming out before end of July?
  9. Thank you for the feedback - what did you think of the overall scenario? Does it need rebalancing? (note that the 20% undecided's is a design feature)
  10. US-UK Union 2012 Scenario Background: Tony Blair won in 2008 after Clinton dropped out and endorsed him - effectively denying Obama the nomination. He has governed as a centrist but has taken some radical measures such as a massive stimulus package. Although Unemployment briefly spiked the stimulus package managed to bring unemployment down to manageable levels. By 2012 the economy has effectively recovered and a feeling of normalcy has returned. Is it morning in America yet again for the Democrats - or is it a false dawn? Scenario Intro: President Blair's term as President of a United Ame
  11. CCA

    ANZAC Republic

    Hi Team, This is a modification of Treasurer and GOP's amazing Down Under scenario featuring real life world leaders and some changes (like more NZ seats) http://drop.io/0bscq3p The next scenario featuring the ANZAC Republic will be the pivotal 1996 election. Cheers, CCA
  12. CCA

    Great Britain 1910

    Could someone please send this to me again at hfrancisco2006@gmail.com Cheers!
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