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  1. I used to agree 100%, in fact in 2016 I voted for Bernie Sanders in the primary. There were some murmurings I had heard about how the Republicans had a huge oppo file on Bernie, and were dying to run against him in 2016. I dismissed that at the time as a bunch of nonsense. Great googly moogly, was I wrong.
  2. I see Sanders as nothing more than a self-promoting fraud, kind of similar to how you see Donald Trump. Thought I'd offer a different view, since there are some here who view Sanders the same way I do, and who don't neatly fit into the two categories you provided.
  3. I think the mask is coming off and we are realizing just how "right-leaning" somebody really is.
  4. Didn't Charest lead the PCs in the 1997 election? That would be interesting - a leader coming back about 20 years or so after having lost an election. I know this happened with Joe Clark, too. We're not as big on recycling politicians here in the US as Westminster-based countries seem to be. Once somebody loses a general election, we want them to go away and stay gone. Nixon was the last person to successfully come back (barely) after losing a previous election (barely), and that was over a half century ago.
  5. My vote is with Warren, although I like Sherrod Brown a lot, and would've taken a close look at him had he ran for president in 2020.
  6. I like to travel, and my parents did it often when I was a child, both for business and pleasure. I do enjoy traveling to other places, as it exposes you to other cultures and other ways of life. My hope is to visit all 50 states. I was born, raised, and live in Connecticut, mostly went to college in Arizona, my parents are from Michigan, and I have family in Idaho, Vermont, Florida and Georgia, as well. I didn't choose any states where I stopped in the airport, even if I spent money and a few hours. I assume you didn't intend for those states to be included in our visits, otherwi
  7. It might be time to do an Israel - 2020 election, the way things appear to be headed.
  8. I doubt that will happen, particularly with the Democratic field being reduced this soon in the process. I maintain it will likely be a 2-person, maybe 3-person race, but by the time I'm voting here in April in CT, I expect the primaries to be favoring one candidate, if they're not effectively already over.
  9. It's too late even for the newcomers who have joined (Bloomberg, Patrick). And filing deadlines have already passed in Alabama, Arkansas and Illinois. California's will pass on 12/6. After that point I think it's effectively impossible.
  10. Just before Harris dropped out, she cancelled a fundraiser at the last moment, citing a "personal matter". Take that for what it's worth. Her sister was the campaign chairwoman, maybe it had something to do with her. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/12/03/kamala-harris-cancels-new-york-fundraiser-as-2020-campaign-in-turmoil.html
  11. You're correct about her initial polling bounce - people seemed to respond well, in the moment, to her attack on Biden. But I remember over the next several days, the attack unraveled, and it got brought up multiple times until finally Harris found herself agreeing with Biden and taking the exact same position he had - that she was opposed to federally mandated busing (which itself hasn't been a real issue for the Democrats since the 1970s). The fact that her campaign had "That little girl was me" T-shirts ready to go right after the debate also didn't help - I think voters saw it as a c
  12. Not to speak for @Patine, but I think he's referring to this thread: It seems the newer version of President Infinity prevents giant landslides like the one I achieved in the older version 2.8.2.
  13. Disagree. I think the beginning of the end was here, followed by 2-3 days of walking back every word she said.
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