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  1. I considered doing Iran a little while ago, but gave it up because I didn't feel like sacrificing the realism I would need to in order to make it work with P4E or PM4E. But I did make a map, which you're welcome to use for your scenario. Above is just a jpeg preview, download from the .BMP link below for the full quality one. http://etrilobite.com/pictures/iranmap.bmp
  2. Hi all, sorry for the long silence. This project is STILL ACTIVE, although its been item number 2-3 on my agenda for a while, but 1-2 taking up most of my time. I'm still struggling with the question of initial vote percentages. I can't use the constituency numbers from the last election because there was a major redistricting effort and a LOT, maybe even a majority of seats have different boundaries, sometimes very different. What I think I'm going to do is this: First I'm figuring out the percentages each party got in the constituencies they actually contested. Then I'll figure out th
  3. Thanks for the advice! Polls in India have an annoying habit of being posted as seat-projections not percentages, but I'm pretty sure I've seen a few that showed the underlying numbers as well. I like the idea of using the electoral_trends, if I'm understanding it right. I could input the numbers as-is into the ridings, then take some off on the province-wide level to simulate conditions at the beginning of the election. Might this also be a good way to simulate the possibility of big province-wide vote swings. There were a few provinces that had big swings from BJP control in 2004 to INC thi
  4. No doubt about that! I'm chugging slowly through my test province of Andhra Pradesh, which at 42 seats is basically a middle-to-high population state. Uttar Pradesh, the largest state, has over 80 seats, which will be fun! It's very amusing to see the popular vote on my quick spacebar test runs. I'm modifying the PM4E 2008 scenario, using BC as Andhra Pradesh. You go through the whole country and each party has under 10 million votes, then you get to BC, and tens of millions of votes are added! In india, seats each have 1million+ voters. It's also amusing to lose the seat count while winning
  5. Alright, here is what I've settled on. Since INC-UPA and BJP-NDA are really the major players (nobody else is realistically going to be able to win the election), I'm putting them on the front page of parties like this: The Third Front is fairly important as well, but if someone just wants to play the game and have fun, they don't really have to pay attention to them. TF got massacred this year, so playing as INC or BJP you will pick up seats from them almost by default. Of course, a skilled player will have to pay heed to them, and an expert player might even be able to stem their bleeding
  6. Proportional rep in the actual elections, not just the primaries! Also, a popular-vote election option would be useful (although I think with PR you could simulate it).
  7. Thanks! Right now I'm trying to put all this into practice in a single test province (Andhra Pradesh).
  8. Thanks for the input guys. Display name makes a good point in that the game really does play best with only 4 parties. That having been said, I'm having a difficult time figuring out a way to make that happen, even if I do merge the INC and UPA into a single party, and do the same with the BJA-NDA and Third Front. The issue is basically realism. As I mentioned before, there are 39 parties that actually won seats in the last election. Most of them fit into the three main alliances, but not all of them. Even if you add in the fourth front, which was a very loose, minor coalition, there are stil
  9. Alright, how does this look? Download the .bmp with the link below, as above is just a JPG. http://www.etrilobite.com/pictures/map_confederacy.bmp
  10. Do you want New Mexico territory as it was at the time of the civil war which was basically NM+AZ? Also, do you want West Virginia included in VA, or as a seperate state? or not at all?
  11. Hi all, I'm not sure whether I've actually ever posted before, but I've been playing various PM/President Forever games for a while, and I've been tinkering with some modding too (I have a little previous programming experience). Now I've decided to take the plunge and do an entire new scenario. As you can probably guess, India isn't a simple way to start, but I don't like to start small. Anyway, the scenario is moving along pretty well so far (although still at a very early stage). The limitations of Prime Minister Forever 2008 force me to make some design compromises, and I wanted to get s
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