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  1. I suppose one of the reasons why the 1964 and 1972 US Presidential Elections have not yet been created is because the General Elections in both of them were one-sided. The closest fought elections have always been high on the priority list. The 1968 US Presidential Election scenario was probably the most popular non-default scenario in the history of TheorySpark games. Of course, the beauty of games like this is that there is really no end to the possible list of scenarios. If all US Presidential Election scenarios are evetually created, then there's endless alternate history and fictional sc
  2. Cool scenario. I agree with EGaffney that Kevin Rudd should be included too. I'm going to make a 1990's version of this, with leaders such as Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, John Major, John Howard, etc.
  3. Please can i have a copy? w.smith405@btinternet.com
  4. Out of interest, what were the results in the alternate 1997 Election?
  5. I've downloaded that game, as well as Power Politics 1992, and i've tired playing both of them using DOSBox, but for some reason, i can't. Do you (or does anyone else) know how?
  6. Now that Gordon Brown has announced his resignation, i've decided to start this thread. Although this would obviously be a British scenario, i think it would be easier, and possibly more realistic, if this scenario was created for P4E8, using the fictional 2010 UK Presidential Election scenario as a template. Possible candidates: David Milband (in fact, i think he's going to announce his candidacy shortly) Ed Milband Harriet Harman Alan Johnson Ed Balls Jack Straw Andy Burnham Alistair Darling Jon Cruddas John McDonnell Of course, they may be others, and probably not all of the ab
  7. Can you please send me a copy too? w.smith405@btinternet.com
  8. I think that the scenario creators are usually too kind to the candidates when it comes to their charisma level. The vast majority of candidates have a charisma level of 3 or above. Chris Dodd, for example, has a charisma level of 3, which means that in the game, he is decently charismatic. I don't think this is the case in real life. The same goes for George W. Bush. I don't think many people see him as charismatic.
  9. I think Margaret Thatcher should be added for the Conservatives, and John F. Kennedy for the Liberals.
  10. Can you send me a copy please? w.smith405@btinternet.com
  11. Post your predictions of what you think the result of the Election will be here. No partisan comments, please. I think it will be a hung parliament, with the Tories the biggest party, and short by between 20 and 40 seats of an overall majority. Percentages: Tories - 35% Labour - 30% Lib Dems - 27% Others - 8%
  12. Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=L8NXFMR1 Candidates: Democratic: Matthew Santos John Hoynes Will Bailey Republican: Ray Sullivan Don Butler Glenallen Walken Arnold Vinick (Off) Plus, a Test Party (for spacebarring).
  13. Can i have a copy please? w.smith405@btinternet.com Thanks.
  14. It says in the opening post of this thread that there is.
  15. My mistake. I was using the previous version. However, i get a "List Index Out of Bounds" right before Election Night on the latest version.
  16. An error comes up about a week in when i play it.
  17. Some people have suggested the idea of a "Grand Coalition", like we have seen in Germany, for example.
  18. The EU is fairly unpopular, but i don't think it's as unpopular as it's made out to be. In fact, a fairly recent poll showed that 36% are in favor of EU Membership, and 38% are against, so pretty even. Someone on another forum actually suggested that some UKIP and BNP leaners might vote Lib Dem as a tactical vote to get a hung parliament. I find this idea pretty hillarious, but still.
  19. I think it's possible that we could see a snowball effect for the Lib Dems over the next 18 days.
  20. I usually spacebar the first time after i get a new TheorySpark game.
  21. Any idea as to what time tomorrow this will be released?
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