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  1. My ratings: Mitt Romney L-4...I-3...E-3...IF...4...C-3...S-4...D-3 Newt Gingrich L-4...I-2...E-4...IF-4...C-3...S-3...D-4 Mike Huckabee L-3...I-3...E-3...IF-3...C-4...S-3...D-3 Sarah Palin L-3...I-3...E-2...IF-2...C-4...S-4...D-2 John Huntsman L-4...I-3...E-3...IF-4...C-4...S-4...D-3 Michelle Bachmann L-3...I-3...E-2...IF-3...C-4...S-4...D-3 Rick Santorum L-3...I-3...E-3...IF-3...C-3...S-4...D-3 Tim Pawlenty L-4...I-3...E-3...IF-4...C-2...S-4...D-3 Gary Johnson L-4...I-3...E-3...IF-4...C-3...S-4...D-3 Herman Cain L-3...I-4...E-2...IF-4...C-4...S-3...D-4 Ron Paul L-3...I-4...E-3...IF
  2. 1993 would be very interesting in the new game engine.
  3. Like I said, the Republican Party can now appear more moderate to the electorate, so those four (none of which are popular with the Tea Party) would be more likely to run. There was a lot of talk about Crist and Graham as potential nominees a while ago too.
  4. The Tea Party decides to form it's own electoral party. Many high-profile Republicans defect to it. The Republican Party is now able to appear more moderate, without having to worry as much about alienating right-wingers. Candidates: Democratic: Barack Obama Hillary Clinton (Off) Mark Warner (Off) Alvin Greene (Off) Republican: Mitt Romney Mike Huckabee Tim Pawlenty Mitch Daniels Jon Huntsman Lisa Murkowksi Olympia Snowe Rudy Giuliani Michael Bloomberg (Off) David Petraeus (Off) Newt Gingrich Lindsey Graham Scott Brown (Off) Chris Christie (Off) Charlie Crist John Corny
  5. Salmond's charisma and Gray's lack of, basically.
  6. Let's say that a referendum on Scottish independence is held in 2014, and the "Yes" side wins. The first-ever Scottish Presidential ELection is held the following year. I would guess that Scotland adopts a standard European-style party system - Social Democrats, Christian Democrats, Liberals, Socialists with the addition of a "Re-unite the Union" party. The Social Democrats dominate urban Scotland, while the Christian Democrats and the Liberals fight it out in most rural areas. The Socialists may sometimes challenge the Social Democrats in their traditional strongholds such as Glasgow. Candid
  7. Democratic: On by Default President Barack Obama (IL) Off by Default Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (NY) Fmr. Senator Russ Feingold (WI) Fmr. Governor Howard Dean (VT) Fmr. Congressman Alan Grayson (FL) Republican: On by Default Businessman Donald Trump (NY) Fmr. Governor Mike Huckabee (AR) Representative Michele Bachmann (MN) Fmr. Senator Rick Santorum (PA) Fmr. Governor Tim Pawlenty (MN) Fmr. Speaker Newt Gingrich (GA) Fmr. Governor Mitt Romney (MA) Representative Ron Paul (TX) Fmr. Governor Gary Johnson (NM) Governor Haley Barbour (MS) Governor Mitch Daniels (IN) Fm
  8. Can I have a copy please? bobbyjsmithrugby@yahoo.co.uk
  9. Name: Senator Bruce Gibson Party: Republican Age: 44 Home State: Washington Bio: Bruce Gibson began acting at the age of 8. He went on to star in many Hollywood blockbuster movies, which made him well-known worldwide. He was always one of the few openly Republican Hollywood stars, and in 1998, he ran against Senator Patty Murray, and defeated her by a narrow margin. He won re-election easily in 2004. He has now decided to run for President. However, many in his party consider him to be a 'RINO'. Will he convince them that he is the right choice? Stats Leadership: 4 Experience: 3 Integr
  10. Please send me a copy. bobbyjsmithrugby@yahoo.co.uk
  11. Try this page: http://scenarios.theoryspark.com/
  12. My list of potential candidates is: Democratic: President Barack Obama of Illinois Mr Alvin Greene of South Carolina Mr Jimmy McMillan of New York Former Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin Former Governor and former DNC Chairman Howard Dean of Vermont (He hasn't been exactly over-the-moon with Obama's Presidency) Mr. Michael Moore of Michigan (As above) Republican: Former Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts Former Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska Former Governor Mike Huckabee of Arkansas Former Speaker Newt Gingrich of Georgia Governor Haley Barbour of Mississippi Former Governor
  13. Politics seems to be getting more celebritized, so maybe also add someone like Bruce Willis or Mel Gibson for the Republicans.
  14. RFK/JFKfan

    An idea

    It would be cool if a British General Election scenario was created using the Congress Forever/PM4E 2010 Australia engine. We would be able to see the raw votes in each constituency. It would probably take a while to complete though....
  15. Well, technically no Prime Minister is elected....but yeah, I get your point.
  16. On the 1979 scenario: Surely Callaghan's experience should be set at 5? At that point, he had served as an MP for nearly 34 years, was Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Transport from 1947-1950, Parliamentary and Financial Secretary from 1950-1951, held various Shadow Cabinet positions from 1951-1964, stood for the Deputy Leadership in 1960 and the Leadership in 1963, was Chancellor of the Exchequer from 1964-1967, Home Secretary from 1967-1970, Shadow Foreign Secretary from 1972-1974, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs from 1974-1976, and of course, Prime Minist
  17. This poll has her ahead by 10: http://graphics8.nytimes.com/images/blogs/fivethirtyeight/CraciunResearchPollResults_092910.pdf And my previous post was before Castle ruled out a write-in campaign.
  18. There's been some further odd goings-on in Delaware and Alaska. Castle and Murkowski have both decided to run as write-in candidates....and a recently poll shows Murkowski ahead of Miller and McAdams in Alaska.
  19. RFK/JFKfan


    I just requested a re-download link for Congress Forever 2010 (since I don't have it on my current computer), and there was no link for it in the automatic email. But there was a link for President Forever 2012....which didn't work.
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