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  1. I'm hoping to make a UK version of mahaadoxyz's All-Star U.S. Presidential Election scenario. It will probably be made on the P4E12 engine (if a scenario designer is released for it). So, any ideas for candidates, issues, etc? Here is a list of mine: Labour: Prime Minister Clement Attlee Leadership: 4 Integrity: 4 Experience: 5 Issue Familiarity: 4 Charisma: 2 Stamina: 3 Debating: 3 Prime Minister Tony Blair Leadership: 4 Integrity: 3 Experience: 5 Issue Familiarity: 4 Charisma: 4 Stamina: 3 Debating: 3 Prime Minister Harold Wilson Leadership: 3 Integrity: 3 Experience:
  2. Thanks. There will probably be another update soon, with more candidates, more updated candidate images, etc. The Lib Dems and the ANP could really do with some more candidates. Any suggestions? I think Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer would be interesting editions for the former, and Jim DeMint, Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann for the latter.
  3. A new scenario I created. Download from here: http://www.mediafire.com/?2q6zpzzafz6wj1t Party descriptions: Labor: Social Democratic. Mostly left-of-center on both economic and social issues, although it does have a socially conservative wing (consisting of people such as Ben Nelson and Zell Miller), as well as a radical left-wing (that includes Dennis Kucinich, Barney Frank, etc). Conservative: Generally economically conservative and socially moderate. Includes a liberal "One Nation" wing (Jon Huntsman, Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, etc), a Reaganite wing (Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum
  4. Please send me a copy. bobbyjsmithrugby@yahoo.co.uk
  5. I know this doesn't count, but I once gave Root a few hundred million dollars and won several states and more than 20% of the popular vote in a 2012 scenario.
  6. A fictional scenario I created: http://www.mediafire.com/?4lo654sc3k2rqsp Feedback welcome.
  7. If Romney carries every state in the primaries and ends up with more than 60% of the national primary vote, he could (and probably should) choose any Republican he wants to be his running mate. Mitch Daniels is probably the strongest option overall. Conservative without being extreme enough to scare mdoerates away. Plus, he's the Governor of a 2008 Obama state, and if Romney loses, he could well be the GOP frontrunner in 2016.
  8. IMO, Monroe, Quincy Adams, Van Buren, Harrison, Taft, Coolidge and Carter shouldn't be included. I'd definitely include Polk (Texas annexation, Mexican–American War), McKinley (first President of the Progressive Era, Spanish–American War), Truman (end of World War Two, start of Cold War, won re-election against the odds, Korean War, recognition of Israel, McCarthyism), Johnson (Vietnam War, Civil Rights Act of 1964, Great Society), Nixon (Watergate, Vietnam War, bombing of Cambodia, creation of EPA, opening of trade with China), Bush Jr. (9/11, Iraq and Afghanistan wars, elected in controversi
  9. Kind of like that Election Day game (released in 2008) then?
  10. You were "trying to convey" that the American electorate would have no problem with a brutal, loathsome, totalitarian dictator becoming Vice President. But of course, I'm the douche, not you. Seriously though, comments like that digust me. In recent decades, there has been a rather strange tendency amongst the more moronic elements of the American Right to make mind-blowingly offensive statements for the sole purpose of, well, attention. Yours was a particularly stupid example.
  11. http://scenarios.270soft.com/2011/11/12/united-states-2012/
  12. And some more.... Name: Robert La Follette Sr. Party: either Progressive or Republican State: Wisconsin Title: Senator Atributes - L-5…I-4…E-4…IF-4…C-4…S-4…D-4 Name: Eugene Debs Party: Socialist State: Indiana Title: State Senator Atributes - L-4…I-4…E-3…IF-4…C-4…S-4…D-4 Name: Ross Perot Party: Reform State: Texas Title: Businessman Atributes - L-4…I-3…E-2…IF-4…C-4…S-4…D-4 Name: Robert F. Kennedy Party: Democratic State: New York Title: Senator Atributes - L-4…I-4…E-3…IF-4…C-5…S-4…D-4 Name: Thomas Dewey Party: Republican State: New York Title: Governor Atributes -
  13. For candidates, here's some ideas: Name: Edward Kennedy Party: Democratic State: Massachusetts Title: Senator Atributes - L-4…I-3…E-4…IF-4…C-4…S-4…D-4 Name: Nelson Rockefeller Party: Republican State: New York Title: Governor Atributes - L-4…I-3…E-4…IF-4…C-4…S-3…D-3 Name: Huey Long Party: Democratic State: Louisiana Title: either Governor or Senator Atributes - L-5…I-2…E-3…IF-4…C-5…S-4…D-4 Name: Robert Taft Party: Republican State: Ohio Title: Senator Atributes - L-4…I-4…E-4…IF-4…C-2…S-3…D-3
  14. There is no politician called Hitler in the United States, and I doubt there is even any private citizen called Hitler, so I'm not sure what you're getting at.
  15. Here's a few from me.... U.S. Senate Election in Massachusetts, 1994 I think this would be a good scenario for a couple of reasons. 1. This was Ted Kennedy's toughest re-election fight of his career. 2. His opponent is currently one of the Republican presidential frontrunners. U.S. Presidential Election, 1948 An obvious choice, I suppose. Arguably the greatest upset in American electoral history, and the battles for the party nominations were pretty epic too. Plus, there were two relatively strong third-party candidates. U.K. General Election, 1945 Quite possibly the most important UK ge
  16. In this thread, feel free to list any historical electoral scenarios (from any country of your choice) that have not yet been created, but you feel ought to be. Also, feel free to post ideas (parties, candidates and their attributes, polling numbers, issues, etc) for those said scenarios.
  17. Some other candidates that could be included: Democratic: Russ Feingold Alan Grayson Mark Warner Republican: Tim Pawlenty (he actually did run o/c) Donald Trump Mitch Daniels Rudy Giuliani Thad McCotter (he ran too) Independent/Third Party: Michael Bloomberg Jesse Ventura Ron Paul Gary Johnson
  18. The right-wing Democratic Party and the far-right Republican Party usually get around 99% of the vote nationwide.
  19. Please can you send me a copy? bobbyjsmithrugby@yahoo.co.uk
  20. Can you please send me the scenario? bobbyjsmithrugby@yahoo.co.uk
  21. Favorability polls for each candidate would be cool imo. A candidate who is conducting a negative campaign would be more likely to have high unfavorable numbers, a candidate who is well-known (i.e. Hillary in 2008) would have few "don't knows", a candidate who is relatively unknown (i.e. Gravel in 2008) would have a lot of "don't knows", etc.
  22. Can you please send me the 1968 scenario? bobbyjsmithrugby@yahoo.co.uk
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