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  1. Are there any other forum based political sims?
  2. In one of the most famous elections ever, Clement Attlee defeated Winston Churchill's Tory party by a landslide majority. This would be a great scenario to make in my opinion. Labour party - Clement Attlee Conservative party - Winston Churchill Liberal party - Archibald Sinclair Other parties Commen Wealth Communist Plaid Cymru National Liberal Nationalist (NI) Commonwealth Labour National Goverment Independent
  3. It was one of the most famous elections in history. Labour had a 12% lead in the polls going into the last week before the Tories took a 3% lead at the end of the final week and won the election. I'm useless at creating scenarios so could someone on here please be king enough to create it?
  4. Please send one to me. w.smith405@btinternet.com
  5. Please can you send me one? w.smith405@btinternet.com
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