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  1. Not sure this has been updated in a while, but it seems to be the most recent 2012. If you could send it to me, that would be great. arrabin56@gmail.com
  2. I would include everybody, giving the option to exclude whatever 11 you want. The other option would be excluding the presidents who were never elected President. Ford, Arthur, Andrew Johnson, Fillmore, and Tyler. This cuts it down to 38, still over the limit however.
  3. That would still give you a lot, maybe consider only those who won an Electoral Vote. This way less Nader and more Teddy Roosevelt. As for endorsers: -National and Statewide Parties (I assume its a 4 party race with Democrats, Republicans, Whigs, and Federalists) -Other countries' governments. It's an unrealistic scenario, so why not let Britain, Canada, and Mexico endorse? -Issue orgs. The KKK and NAACP can endorse on civil rights for example. -Oprah. Why not?
  4. i think Lazio might run for Governor, rather than Senator. I can include him anyway While Paterson will almost certainly run for reelection, I'm including him as an off-candidate just for fun. Giuliani and Cuomo might be more likely for Gov. as well. Pataki? Bloomberg?
  5. I've started on an NY Senate campaign for Kirsten Gillibrand's seat. I have only done Democratic candidates, along w/ issues and such. It will be done with random primary dates in early 2010, much like the presidential campaign. Please give me any other candidates to add, in any party. -Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand -A.G. Andrew Cuomo -Nassau Cty. Exec. Tom Suozzi -Rep. Carolyn McCarthy -Gov. David Paterson (OFF) -Caroline Kennedy (OFF)
  6. Schumer is 58, so "getting up there in age" is a bit of a reach. People will oppose Durbin as leader, its a lot of power for one state
  7. arrabin56@gmail.com Sounds good, this rapidshare thing is getting annoying...
  8. i'll think over it in the next day or so, but Palin and Jindal jump to mind.
  9. Here are the ages of your candidates. I think you need some youth, also Romney more likely to run for Gov. of Utah than Mass. again Democrats President Barack Obama, 51 Senator Hilary Clinton, 65 Senator John McCain, 76 Congressman Dennis Kucinich, 66 Libratarians Congressman Ron Paul, 77 Senator Bob Barr, 64 Governor Mark Sanford, 52 Senator Mike Gravel, 82 Buisnessman Wayne Allen Root, 51 Congressman Allen Buckley, 52 Constitution Governor Mitt Romney, 65 Senator Mike Huckabee, 57 Senator Richard Shelby, 78 Senator Joe Lieberman, 70 The last 3 elected presidents have been 47, 54, and 46.
  10. to be fair, Gravel will be 82 in 2012. Even for him thats a bit much
  11. Lieberman at 70 seems unlikely to a) Completely switch parties and Run for president again. Santorum also seems unlikey. Maybe the two of them should be turned off. Also Nader is no longer affiliated with the Green Party, and hasn't been during his last 2 presidential campaigns. Cynthia McKinney, or someone else, would be a more likely candidate there, with Nader as an Independent. He'll also be 78, so that's a little uncertain.
  12. How about Washington Monument instead of White House Lawn? Just seems a bit more likely. Also, how'd gas hit $1? Lets go for $2 first. For the Dems, a fringe candidate will run on a "stop invading countries" line, like a Kucinich For GOP, Huckabee is certainly possible, Perry might be a little more of a stretch. More likely Kay Bailey Hutchinson and Tim Pawlenty If we're in the 2nd Great Depression, a couple economic candidates are likely. Maybe Corzine for the Dems, or Bloomberg as an indy?
  13. I think its a facinating idea for a scenario, just a few thoughts: 1. I assume DC also still gets to vote for President 2. What are the views of these regions? Assuming they've had power over American government for some time, they probably would differ from where they stand right now, particularly Cuba. 3. If these are territories, rather than states, can candidates from these territories run for president? 4. Is the presidential history of the U.S. the same with these territories voting in the past? Let me know your thoughts, I think this could be a very interesting scenario.
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