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  1. Some possible issues International Isolation: The US has been under sanctions from the rest of the World for it's continued practice of slavery, and this has placed a horrible toll on the american economy. Term Limits: Someone with a degenerative mental illness has been ruling the nation for 10 years. Should we allow this to be repeated? btw how the heck did HHH end up on a ticket that supported slavery? Humprehy was one of the leaders in IRL on the issue of civil rights- he took on the bigots like Thurmond at the 48 convention.
  2. I think both Gavin Newesome (as potential gov or senator of CA) or Robert Wexler as Florida's senator could be contendah's on the Dem side, although on the left end of things.
  3. possible rough workaround- have them run in both primaries, but put the progressive one after the republican convention, and both are very very weak in it-like an event every weak minus 100 momentum. Then, if Taft gets the nomination, and event will fire giving the progressive version of the canidates enough momentum to beat ralph spacebar or whomever, wheras is Roosevelt or La Follete get the nom, their progressive part versions get giant momentum penalties, pushing the minor canidate into the nomination. i don't know how feasible this is, but it's an idea.
  4. Sorry, i wasn't clear that i meant that she had a snowball's chance in hell of winning a senate seat.
  5. A few notes on Michigan You might want to switch Dillon and Archer- Archer is widely thought to be one of the frontrunners for the Dem. nomination in 2010. Granholm is a little iffy, she honestly isn't that popular. Here is my speculation for 2016, based on pure speculation Gov- Archer, in the midst of 2nd term. Sen- Andy Levin in dad's old seat (he will be qualified by 2014 when he would have to run) Sen- Mike Cox (He's the sort of moderate republican who could beat Stabenow in a enviroment less toxic than 2006 when she edged out Bouchard) or Stabenow, who isn't that old and is starting to get liked.
  6. i still think either Obama should be moved to 3, or Palin to two. She's been governor only 3 months more than he's been running for president, and prior to that was mayor of town drastically smaller then the district obama represented in the state senate.
  7. according to my copy, mccain has 5, while obama has 2 If McCain has 5, as should Biden. Biden has served longer, almost a decade.
  8. Uh, why does Sarah Palin have the same experience rating as Joe Biden? She was 8 years old when he entered the senate.
  9. I've been playing around with it, and Clinton is way to strong, and Obama is likewise much weaker than IRL. He's lucky to win iowa, and even if he does, it doesn't spark the huge movement in national polls that happened IRL. Clinton always wins out in the rare case he takes the state. He runs way to weak in the south, almost always losing South Carolina, even though he stomped there IRL. I think Obama's numbers need to start higher in some of the early states. For example, by October he was polling low 20s in Iowa, which was a dead heat with the other frontrunners. In game he starts at 13%. He regularly loses his lead in Illinois within October, which should never happen. I know Clinton was the percieved and polling frontrunner at this point, but i think reality shows her support was a lot softer than the game is showing. I'm not going to say that Obama was inevitable in Iowa, but i think it's safe to argue that by October most of the elements of victory were in place.
  10. i sort of feel like the scenerio is a little biased against the dems- no matter what, if you play the general election they get slaughtered. I took Proxmire, upped his stats- he only won DC and a handful of states in NE. Teddy got blown in out in a similar way. I understand Regean was a great politican. However, i think that any Democrat other than Carter should have at least a fighting chance.
  11. could you hook me up at zholden@gmail.com
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