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  1. How do you actually load and play a scenario that you have downloaded from the internet?
  2. Similar problem- I can not open scenarios that i download from the net. Could someone tell me step by step how to do this. Thanks
  3. My two best victorious campaigns: One was as Jimmy Carter beating Ronald Reagan with something like 280 EVs. Another was as Wes Clark decimating George Bush with over 400 EVs. The one I enjoyed most was as Ross Perot 1992- winning 29% of the popular vote and 228 EVs. The worst was a 1992 campaign defeat as Bill Clinton. Scandal after scandal had me routed at about 180 EVs.
  4. Was reading election news, and got a pop up from somewhere about a free demo for a preisdential election game. Tried the demo, and got hooked.......
  5. HI Tom, I would sure like to play that scenario. Could you please send it to mschand@sfu.ca
  6. Sounds like a great scenario, Hardrightconservative. If you don't mind, could you mail it to mschand@sfu.ca? Living in Vancouver, it sure feels good to be part of a non socialist country, even if it is in a game only
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