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  1. Hey Guys, This game is great. It is well-established, and just needs more players, and we will be great. It is not a region-system, we have all 50 states. Come and try us out, I gurantee you will not be disappointed. So, come and register, and get ready for a great game, with great admins, and great players. http://z10.invisionfree.com/Virtual_Politi...dex.php?act=idx Thanks, and See You There
  2. yea, how do you do a career mode?
  3. You companies should team up, and get a game together like this. (Positech Games- Makers of Democracy) You two companies could make a game, that had an election first and you made promises to the electorate, and then you are the President for the 4 year term, and then you go up for re-election, and go throughout your last term... This would be sweet, and would add a new component to the game... What does everyone think? I think they should...
  4. Yea we tried everything nothing works... I love multi-player but this is getting dumb, you can't even play cause of all the bugs. PLEASE FIX THIS
  5. Does anyone, want to play a game tonight....
  6. I have told Theoryspark about this when it first happened and they did nothing to correct it, and this was the night Multi-player came out. I just played another multi-player game, and again I could not see the election results for the General Election... This is a big deal, you play the whole time to see if you can win the general election, and then to not have the results work, sucks.... Theoryspark please fix this...
  7. whatever candidate you chose
  9. Go to his game Host:Oxaloacetate Couldn't connect to other one
  10. i can't get in yours it is not working, but it worked with the oxci guy a minute ago
  11. I am in Mitt Romney tell me what time
  12. yea i will if anybody needs to contact me
  13. hahahaha that would be awesome and make the game a lot more intresting
  14. True that would be cool, now I hope there is chatting hahaha yea we are getting really excited
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