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  1. I seem to have lost my code for activation so I cant activate the new beta. Can you help?
  2. how do you play a multiplayer game?
  3. Not to be a sore but will this be emailed to theoryspark when the kinks are worked out... thanks
  4. Just so you know this game deletes you if you become someone else's VP. As you know... a very common glitch. Is it fixable?
  5. The overall execution of this scenario is not so important to me ( for instance including or not including a Deist party) as the experience of playing would be. I believe it could be a great scenario if a qualified scenario creator made it. As for mixing religion and politics... I believe the current political landscape doesn't allow you to choose not to mix them they have become tied permanently I believe.
  6. By anti religion all I meant was that they were not religious perhaps areligious would have been better terminology. Also eastern was used as a blanket term for eastern asian and indian religions Taoism , Buddhism, and Hinduisn for example. I was thinking that this should be a worldwide election
  7. I am new to this forum, but have been playing President forever for a few months. I recently tried my hand at creating a scenario and wasn't very successful but I do have an idea for what I think would make an enjoyable scenario if anyone is interested in creating it. The idea is a "Holy War" scenario in which there are four major parties, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism and a possible anti religion coalition type party. The parties could be subdivided as follows or something similar: Christian: Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox Islam: Sunni, Shia Judaism: Orthodox, Conservative, Reform e
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