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  1. If this scenario is still around I want it sent to mrmayhem87@gmail.com
  2. Can someone create a scenario for NC Senate or Governors Race. I know that one was made in the original PFE game but I don't hav that and I would like one I could play of PFE 2008.
  3. New idea. What about Senator Kay Hagan from NC, she was an accomplished state senator who won a seat that was classified as safe republican to become a US Senator. You caould also consider, Attorney General Roy Cooper of NC. He was cast into mainstream media during the Duke Lacrosse rape case, and it is widely speculatd that he is looking to move up the political ladder, maybe a tough on crime attorney general is what American voters are looking for. He of course would start as a lower teri candidate being as he has never been in the senate or a governors mansion, but he would nevertheless b
  4. I personaly don't think John Edwards will run again. I would like to suggest a different candidate from NC. In 2016 she will (hopefuly) just be finishing up her 8 years as NC Governor. Bev Perdue seems like she may have a shot at the WH if her time as governor goes well.
  5. I don't see the national dems ever electing Heath Shuler to anything past the House seat he currently has. How about Kay Hagan. After she defeated Elizabeth Dole in 2008 for the Senate, she is a rising star in the party. You could say that in 2014, she won re-election handily and was drafted to run for president in 2016. Problem is she would be 63 years old. Another option from NC is our current governor Bev Perdue but alas she would be 72. You could also go with Roy Cooper current Atty. General of NC. He is widely expected to run against Richard Burr in 2010 for the senate. Polls show tha
  6. For the old republicans you can add John Boner. I mean Boehner. If this scenario comes true, you know he would not resist a chance to keep the old style repubs alive. You might also think about adding Rush Limbaugh he might be crazy enough to do it.
  7. Did you playtest this? I am playing with all possible candidates on. Every time, one of the Repub candidates jumps far ahead in thepolls for no explainable reason.
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