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  1. I encourage this. I hope you don't mind some random comments. The Irish Party was shattered by the pro-independence force, Sinn Féin, in the 1918 general election. If that hadn't happened, the Irish Party would have won 75-80 seats, Unionists 21-25 and Labour 0-7 out of 105. This was the basic split in Irish politics before 1916, whereas the equivalent Liberal/Conservative/Labour seat split in Britain was about 165/360/75 in 1918. (http://irishpoliticalmaps.blogspot.ie/2012/05/irish-uk-general-election-1918.html) Before the Irish Party, you had a mix of home-rule activists, Whigs, and Libera
  2. I will submit some issues if you like.
  3. 2001 = 1997. The election night recordings are very useful to watch; one can get ideas for issues, and better understand the culture of the time.
  4. Wow, Display Name's 1922 scenario is really good. I am doing preliminary research for a Pakistan 2008 scenario for Prime Minister Forever. Just to determine if it's viable.
  5. I am going to do a 1970 scenario after all. Not only are the constituencies different, but so are the counties. Instead of the familiar map with the modern counties, the map will look different. Picture to follow.
  6. Here http://theoryspark.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=10722
  7. What are the main political divides in the country? Which parties like which other parties, who hates whom? What's the recent political history - any dictators or atrocities we should know about? Here are some issues that you might include. //Poverty End poverty with widespread state ownership of the economy. End poverty with land reform and wealth redistribution. End poverty with family allowances and minimum wage laws. End poverty with urban renewal and faith-based initiatives. Poverty is best addressed by private charity. @ //Inflation Print money to finance state spending. Price
  8. I haven't been here so ditto what Display Name said.
  9. EGaffney

    An idea

    I haven't got the new game yet, but I must try it. I'll keep this in mind.
  10. No. It is 4 because he was never elected PM.
  11. Cameron isn't EPP, but it's somewhat likely that he will be in 2014.
  12. Purple - it mixes blue and red. I agree that grey is not acceptable due to the other states.
  13. Rasmussen has an extremely strong bias towards Tea Party candidates, probably due to the demographics of the people it samples. People say it's biased towards ®, but that just conceals an even bigger bias towards (Tea Party).
  14. Nah, it won't help because I don't have a US QWERTY keyboard. I just copied and pasted diacritics instead.
  15. You need to move the folder from your download into the "scenarios" folder of your game. If you can't find that, let us know.
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