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  1. Excellent map, Saskguy! If you don't mind, could you also send it to me? criagbritt@yahoo.com Thanks.
  2. Here's a pretty good one of him wearing his glasses: I'm not sure when it was taken, but it at least has him wearing his glasses.
  3. Hehe, a few years ago I used to wear big glasses like Preston's.
  4. Thanks Mantis! Martin barely hung on to his seat in Quebec by only 2%. Layton was hanging somewhere around 11 or 12 seats a couple of days before the election, but he must have gotten a late bounce. The thing I was most proud of was my breakthrough in Quebec. Which was 9 seats!
  5. Looks like I beat Mulroney's record of 211 seats.
  6. I played the original PM4E version and I enjoyed it a lot. I also noticed in the PM4E version in the Riding of South Tremont you used the names of character from PolCan. I'm about to play the new version.
  7. I like the idea myself. Can you add me? Name: Craig Thompson (that's my real first name but the last name is fake) Position: Governor State: Texas (I like Texas ) Age: 54 (not my real age of course ) Party: Republican Picture: (I never use my real picture, so you could use Preston Manning, one of my heroes, I figure I'll look like him when I get old anyways ) Platform: Abortion: Center-Right Affirmative action: Right Balanced budget: Center-Right Business tax: Right Campaign finance reform: Center-Right Ecology: Center-Right Education: Right Free trade: Right Gun control: Right Same-sex marriage: Center-Right Immigration: Center Military funding: Center-Right Military intervention: Right Personal tax: Center-Right Public health care: Center Renewable energy: Right Social security: Center-Right Terrorism: Right Stats: Leadership: 3 Integrity: 4 Experiance: 3 Issue familiarity: 5 Charisma: 2 Stamina: 3 Debating: 3 Candidate blurb: Thompson has been Governor of Texas for six years and has decided to give a shot at the national scene.
  8. Nice additions to the candiddate list Hard Right. I especially like how you added Preston Manning (He's one of my heroes), Deborah Grey, Ralph Klein, and Mike Harris to the Republican list.
  9. Unlimited parties Career mode (I know it probably isn't possible) Online play
  10. Craig


    I think United North America is the best.
  11. As you can see I ran my own fictional candidate based on Preston Manning. I was astonished at my landslide victory in Ontario and even more astonished that I won a seat in Quebec.
  12. Abortion........R Affirmative Action.......RR Balanced Budget........R Business Tax......RR Campaign Finance......C Ecology.......R Education......C Free Trade......R Gun Control......RR Same-Sex Marriage......R Immigration.....C Military Funding.....R Military Intervention.....R Personal Tax......RR Public Health Care......C Rnewable Energy.......C Social Security........R Terrorism........RR
  13. When ever I try to play a scenario downloaded from the internet it says it cannot open the file, and if I try to continue it says list index out of bounds. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  14. I played as the Nationals and got 8 seats adding to the Libs 68 for a total of 76 seats beating Labor who won 74 seats.
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