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  1. Maybe even get more aggressive than that in a "career" mode - have detailed levels down to each state and start in a state of your choice running for Congressman, Senator, and/or Governor before moving on to the Presidency. Have a "national" sort of ticker that keeps track of trends (somewhat random) on the national level so that perhaps you need to decide do you run for that second term as governor to make yourself a better presidential candidate or run for the Presidency at that time because your party is on the upswing. Other candidates would affect this as well, with a good real example be
  2. Hi, Playing with the most recent release, I have two questions. First, going back to the earlier versions (04, 08, and perhaps 12) during the election there was a pop-up for each state when it was called, so you knew what was going on rather than having to bounce around and figure out if a state was still in play or not. Is this still there and I just missed a setting somewhere? If it's not, why did it go away? It seemed like a great feature? Second, and this seems more of a bug. Playing the 2012 scenario as Gingrich, the election was called in my favor with several states not yet reporting
  3. I have a question about Congress Forever. Will every state and district be available? Will it just be the US House of Reps, or the Senate also?
  4. Huh. Well, I wasn't THAT far off. Final Results seem to be: McCain 37% Romney 32% Huckabee 11% Giuliani 9% Paul 8% Write-Ins 2% Thompson 1% Hunter 1%
  5. GOP Predictions: McCain 38% Romney 31% Huckabee 12% Paul 10% Giuliani 7% Thompson 1.7% Hunter .3%
  6. If it's been sent out recently, I don't think my junk filter liked it. Could you please send to sauron_33@yahoo.com Thanks.
  7. I'd like to get a copy of this, please. sauron_33@hotmail.com
  8. I've suggested the VP thing before. The others are good ideas but I don't know if the game engine would allow for that sort of thing.
  9. To be honest I don't recall - it was something in the vicinity of ~300 delegates for McCain because I did manage to win some states. However, since my post about that I tried one more time where I added Delaware to my strategy in the hopes that by winning every early state I could gain enough momentum. That seemed to do the trick: I slowly but surely gained on Bush and was able to win enough states on Super Tuesday to stay competitive. I also found it necessary to spend all my PIPs to ensure I got the NRA endorsement for the extra foot soldiers. I think something else that helped was that e
  10. Hi, I tried playing the 2000 scenario as McCain. Despite winning Iowa, New Hampshire, Michigan, and South Carolina (basically every early primary except Delaware) I don't get enough momentum to stop the Bush juggernaut - yet historically its assumed that had McCain won South Carolina he would have had enough momentum to caputure the nomination. Is Bush really unstoppable?
  11. After a couple tries I won the GOP nomination as McCain. Very tough to do, let me tell you. I came close the very first game, but with plenty of states to go Romney endorsed Guiliani which put him over the top. Guiliani won every time. I think the only reason Romney didn't is because my strategy involved stopping him in the early states whereby he didn't get enough momentum to take the Feb. 5 states from Guiliani. In the game that I won, Romney still took Iowa, Nevada, and Wyoming, but I took New Hampshire, Michigan, and South Carolina. I won those three states (all but SC were close) by satu
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