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  1. I recently purchased the subscription, but the newest version of President Infinity has an unfinished scenario creator. I downloaded Classic and the creator is buggy. When I try to play a game, the game never starts. It just stays in the game creation menu. Is there a place I can download and reinstall 2.8 until the bugs are fixed on the newest?
  2. I am going through my first game in a about 8 years....A lot of cool changes! That said, I created myself...and going into the Iowa Caucuses I had about 12.5% of the vote. After the caucuses I had 1 vote. Is this a bug? It seems pretty off. Does it have something to do with creating myself? EDIT: I think I figured it out. I guess you have to put yourself on the ballots now. I have no idea what I'm doing. Is there an in depth video or something?
  3. I tend to use the first turn to develop the campaign 5 times....then I create foot soldiers in Iowa and Arizona, try for a national endorsement...(normally NRA endorsement). I like to create Arnold as a crusader by the third turn. My strategy for states early is Iowa, Arizona, New Hampshire and Delaware.....and my Theme is Leadership (i'm a 4) Integrity (5) and attack my friend's Experience (3). Since I have high integrity i try to make ads about that. I also wonder what is the best way to become better known??? anyway, i'll leave it at that...im sure i'll have plenty of questions later
  4. I created a scenario with all my friends on it...I let each person have a commanding lead in the state they chose as their home state. Every time I play single player I barnstorm the hell outta Iowa and Arizona. I can get a pretty decent lead (about 8 points) the turn before the primary takes place. Then one of the computer players....and its ALWAYS the same one ends up winning Iowa. What am I doing wrong?
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