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  1. I'm actually basing it on the real-life California National Party the platform of which is surprisingly progressive, despite the name. But I was similarly struck by the same thing you were in that it's very odd that they chose to wrap themselves in the language of reactionaries the world over. Maybe I should nickname them "Californians" instead of "Nationalists?"
  2. My only reasoning behind making it a right-wing or right-leaning movement was that in order for California to secede, the left would have to have been pretty unified behind the independence movement. But as I mentioned in the notes I was thinking about expanding its potential candidates to include Nancy Pelosi who seems like she would be pretty in favor of maintaining the union. The more I think about it, though, the more I'm thinking your way might work out better. To your points: 1) As I mentioned in the OP, this idea is still sort of percolating a bit so any ideas you have (tha
  3. With the discussion recently about whether California is going to try to secede from the United States (probably not, but still), I was thinking that it would be neat to do a California Presidential Race for 2020 after the state seceded. Here's sort of what I have in mind for a scenario: "After months of political wrangling, the unthinkable has happened: California has seceded from the United States, and President Donald Trump has accepted the result. Now, with the first California Presidential election kicking off, several prominent Californians are eying the executive mansion. With Inte
  4. So I was reading this speculative article, which got me to thinking about a GOP third party challenge to Trump. The regular 2016 campaign includes a Bloomberg third party run, but the possibility of a Republican running against Trump seems more reasonable to me. I began working on a scenario that would feature John Kasich and Jim Webb both leaving their respective parties and launching an independent bid for moderate voters, but my scenario editing skills are garbage and it simply didn't work very well. If anyone else would be willing to take on this project, I would be happy to help you out w
  5. Right. Well that strategy developed from another game I played in which I ran Bush, stayed pretty well positive and still managed to lose to Rubio after all of the endorsements. I figured I had to drive them negative to force them out, which is what I did. It's still a pretty new game to me, though, so maybe I need to play a few more to fruition and just see how it pans out.
  6. Playing P4E 2016 on the provided 2016 scenario I keep running into the same problem every time I run as a Republican: Everyone endorses Rubio, no matter what. For instance, this last go around I was playing as Martinez. I won Iowa, New Hampshire, Florida, Nevada, Minnesota, Colorado, and Maine; I only lost South Carolina to Thune. Okay, so now I've been spending two weeks trying to get anyone to endorse me. Ain't happening. No one is even thinking about dropping out no matter how far into the negative I drive their momentum. I win Arizona, Jindal takes Michigan, I take Washington. Now, I've w
  7. I'm really missing George Wallace, here. I think maybe he'd be the go-to anti-administration candidate for the South rather than Smathers. You might even have the option to have him on either as a Democrat or the AIP candidate in the general. Do you think including Ted Kennedy, defaulted to "off," would be a good inclusion? We know that he really doesn't have a problem challenging sitting presidents. Just a thought. I've come up with a base list of numbers for a few of the candidates: Ronald Reagan Leadership: 5 Integrity: 3 Experience: 3 Issue Knowledge: 3 Debating Skill: 5 Charisma:
  8. Any chance someone could send this my way? terrellk@gmail.com
  9. terrellk


    My old computer got fried the other day and I lost the game. Is there any way I can get another copy? Thanks.
  10. If you ever get around to doing the 1865 scenario for the south, please don't forget about John Breckinridge. He was the Southern Democratic Candidate in 1860 and, although he stayed in the US Senate for a few months following KYs wishes not to secede, eventually was a general for the CSA. He's generally forgotten about, but would have undoubtedly been a major player in the CSA had it been established. Edit: Also, I agree with VoteGOP. Turtledove's books are a must read if you're into this alternate history stuff. As is anything by Eric Flint, but especially his Rivers of War series.
  11. Just as a heads up, I doubt Ernie Fletcher is on anyone's VP list as he lost the race for Ky governor this past November. Also, Bob Taft was the least popular governor in the nation during his time in office and was pretty much single handedly responsible for the Republicans loss of power in Ohio.
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