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  1. No, if you put 0, it's standard FPTP you get.
  2. OK, about the mechanics of MMP. To have a basic Canada MMP system, you just have to import the scenarios (don't forget graphics for it) and paste the lines: "@hare-niemeyer 1 @end hare-niemeyer" in the scenario.p4e file at the end. Doing so will result in every province getting more seats, I think it's according to population since Québec got 75 additional seats (a 1-to-1 ratio), but PEI only one more (a 4-to-1 ratio), and the three Northern territories don't get any. I don't know exactly how they get awarded.
  3. I don't know precisely how the German system works, but I do know some basics about it. There are ridings where election works just like in Canada, with FPTP, but the Germans also vote for a party whilst voting. There are additional seats that are awarded to parties in order to compensate distortions from FPTP to achieve proportional representation.
  4. Yay, MMP! MMP! So, who'll be the first to do a version of Canada post-PR?
  5. Good graphics, good attributes for the party leaders, but I think the platform positions are odd, for example the "waiting list" issue seems to advantage very much the right-wing side. And, curiously, the Liberals, in my two "hands-off" games, seem always to end up with big results, sometimes ending up as the second party in importance. It seems to me that the two main parties are too radical in their platforms, making them too easy targets, whilst the Liberals should not have a 5 in "party establishment", perhaps a 4 or a 3, to represent their reduced membership, the perception that they are
  6. Conservatism has led the world to the border of the chasm many times before, Keyes, and if it's what you lot are heading for, then we truly are doomed. Socialism, in its moderate form, whether it was called social-democracy, the Welfare State or the "New Deal", has saved the system you so clearly hold on to by changing it, leading to the greatest increase in the living standards since the beginning of time. When the system Conservatives tried to upheld was crumbling, pushing people to the extremes of communism and fascism, it was socialism that saved the day for democracy by showing that, no,
  7. Thank you for your kind words mantis.
  8. Mantis, socialists make up governments in about half of western europe countries and strong oppositions in the rest, so I'm not the only one. Also, calling a socialist a "dinosaur" is like calling an informatician a "fire-adoring neanderthal".
  9. Ah... the archetypical Conservative who can only think about his "glorious past" and refuses to move on, a past which "gloriousness" only exists in his own mind.
  10. They allow you to capture parts of the screen that you want and not all of it, or to capture windows perfectly, and you don't need to open Paint, you can simply save what you capture the way you want it, .gif, .bmp, .png, .jpeg, etc...
  11. Perhaps in Québec, but Canada-wide, the result of the Conservatives is too high and of the NDP too low. Checking nodice.ca indicates that the CPC's support at that time averaged about 20% with the NDP's averaging 14-15%. BTW, nice map.
  12. It's pretty much the only place where it is fresh. For the rest of us, that "election" was a running joke that has outrun its fun a few months ago, so drop it already. Hell I won the "election" in the Canadian section, but do you see me with a "MP of 80Soft Canada" in my signature?
  13. You know you've just repeated Gay Rights CL twice? Was it a typo and you meant Gun Registry or what?
  14. I can only give indications, Appel was more interested by the NDP at the time, so he should know more. I'll submit my proposals, with a - if I'm not sure, a + if I'm pretty sure and a ++ if I am certain. Gun Registry L=>CL ++ Personal Tax L=>CL ++ Balanced Budget CL=>C ++ Military funding CL=>C + Business Tax CL=>C + Gay Rights L=>CL -
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