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  1. Actually thats not entirely true. One of the key features of the Leadership Race was that public could buy PC Memberships at the door and become 2 minute Tories to vote for the next Premier. Therefore, the voting totals were much higher than their usual party membership.
  2. I suppose your right about Bob Rae. The reason he moved more less from the NDP to the Liberals is that he followed a long standing tradition of NDP Provincial Premiers who are actually more Centrists and supporters of the Federal Liberal Party vs. the Federal NDPs. Names come to mind like Roy Romano and Ujjal Dosanjh who were NDPs Provincially but Liberal Federally. However, considering a merger of the Liberals and the Democrats the party would probably experience a shift to the right, which would allow for Left leaning Liberals like Bob Rae to move back to the NDP. You're right Bob Rae for t
  3. I wouldn't put Bob Rae in the NDP Column. He's a Liberal now.
  4. I believe John Kerry was also on the VEEP Short List for Al Gore.
  5. No, Jean Charest is the leader of the Quebec Liberal Party. He's still more of a Conservative. Basically, the Quebec Liberal Party is a Federalist Coalition to take on the Parti Quebecois who want Quebec to separate from Canada. At one time Charest, was actually leader of the Federal Progressive Conservative Party. As a side note as well, I would leave off the Bloc. Their goal is just to stand up for Quebec and not to actually take control of the government. It would probably just mess up the Majority Rule and end up going to Parliament. (If we were following the American system). Right now,
  6. Can I get a copy of this scenario please? chessmaster2525 (at) hotmail (dot) com Thank You
  7. My apologies Mr. Monk. I wasn't aware it was by personal email. May I please get a copy of this scenario? I promise to send you feedback after playing it. My email is chessmaster2525 "at" hotmail"dot"com I look forward to playing it.
  8. Can I get a copy as well chessmaster2525"at"hotmail"dot"com
  9. I'm assuming you mean by riding? And send here as well chessmaster2525@hotmail.com
  10. I still haven't gotten it yet. chessmaster2525@hotmail.com
  11. I thought in the US the decesion went to the Supreme Court. Isn't that controlled by the Republicans at this point? Please correct on both points if i'm wrong tho.
  12. He has a point, check this out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_National_Party Although i don't trust Wikipedia all the time, its actually backed up in some of the stuff i read off their website. Don't feel bad tho. I didn't know this either. Besides, you learn something everyday right? Cheers
  13. Please send as well to: chessmaster2525@hotmail.com Thanks
  14. I agree, if we could make President+Primaries into Canadian Convention+General Election i would be sooooooooooooo happy. Unfortunately, i emailed 80Soft about this and they said they won't do it because it would be inaccurate to the Canadian political system. On the other hand tho, i wish there was some way to have a pre convention for leader incorporated into the game. Anyone have any thoughts on how this could be possible?
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