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  1. I am an owner of PF 2008 but haven't played it in a long time. I thought I would take a look at the 2012 demo to give myself a refresher course for how the game works. Is there really no documentation for the game? The only thing I can find is at this link: http://270soft.com/product-help-files/president-forever-2012-help-file/. It has practically no content. I did find the link for the help for the 2008 version which had more content, but it didn't even explain what the effect of barnstorming is. I'm guessing it gives you a chance to increase your momentum in that state, but what about the d
  2. I suggest that each state have their own issue profile (importance). It makes more sense that certain states place a greater emphasis on different issues. Gameplay would be more realistic and make the the candidates platforms more interesting. For example it would mean more to have your position in line with California's on the environment. It wouldn't matter too much if it disagreed with Nebraska's on the environment.
  3. Ouch. I'll have to pay better attention next time.
  4. Hi, I was wondering. Is there any site that explains the game mechanics in detail? For example, if you make a speech in a state that you have the same position on an issue with, does it just affect your momentum in that state? Can it affect you posively in that state but negatively in states that don't share your position? I saw the tutorial beta and that is a welcome resource for some topics. Does anything exist for items like my question above? Thank you!
  5. I can't remember making a speech then, but I'm not sure. Can that cause such a big switch? Don't speeches just effect momentum, which then effects the support %? I still had positive momentum so I don't see how I could have lost so much support.
  6. Ok, thanks. I'll give it a try.
  7. Hi Two states, Minnesota and Texas took weird flip flops in support. First, they supported me. I had 60-70% of the support with only 1% of the voters undecided. Then in one turn support totally flipped and the computer took a big lead in those states with practically no undecided voters. I still had positive momentum, so I don't know how I lost so much support and he gained so much support. There was nothing in the turn recap to point to why there was such an unexplained switch in support. This was in the general election. I was Obama and the computer was Guiliani. Does anyone know why this
  8. Hi, Thanks for the reply. I understand and respect that it was a design decision. For my two cents it would feel more authentic if the issue importance was represented realistically for each state. I think what makes this game more fun than say the Political Machine is that this feels a little more realistic. I think taking this step towards more realism would increase the fun factor. I would be interested in hearing other opinions from the community too! Thanks, Rob
  9. Does TheorySpark answer questions like this? Thanks.
  10. It seems strange to me that the initial issue importance in the 2008 campaign is the same in every state. For example the following issues are usually more important in the specified states: the environment in California, gun control in Texas, outsourcing in Michigan, Social Security in Florida. I'm sure there are more examples. Does anyone agree? Can someone explain the logic why they are the same for all states. I haven't examined each state yet. So far I looked at 17 states so it is possible an unexamined state will break the pattern. Thanks!
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