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  1. Thank you, LiberalUK and apologies to everyone else for me not making my idea as clear it could have been. I think I was under the assumption that many of the people playing this game would be from the UK and therefore familiar with the UK election coverage and the excitement of the results being called. Particularly those marginal seats where leading politicians are occasionally unseated: thinking Portillo, Patten, etc... LiberalUK's idea would be a truly great and realistic addition to the game. I'm off to see if I can unseat Tony Blair by targetting Sedgefield. Cheers, silenus
  2. I agree that clicking the button so many times would be annoying. But why couldn't the consituencies be announced in compressed realtime, requiring no user input other than perhaps to check on some statistics interactively. With the tally of seats for all parties being updated automatically. What do you think?
  3. Hi All, Just been playing the new PM Forever UK edition and its pretty good. I was just thinking though that the calling of the elections at the end of the game is a bit of a let-down. I think one of the most fun parts of the US version is the realism of a state being called for one or other party. In the UK, each of the individual constituencies are called individually and all over the country depending on how keen the local authorities. Is there any way of enhancing the end-game to make it more like watching the election coverage on BBC or something? Cheers, nathan
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