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  1. There seems to be a ceiling on what funds you can give a third party canidate in any of the scenerios on this game. I just downloaded the California Governor 2010 and tried to run as the Green canidate- wanted to put in 5 Million, it defaulted to onemillion. Is this something I am stuck with? Any ideas?
  2. Help- I am doing a long running primary campaign and after three or so saves now cannot save anymore- get an 'access violation' with addresses. Is this fixable to the current game or am I screwed?
  3. I have never had problems adding a scenario to these games- until now. I keep getting strange messages, most recent is 'Libertarian is not a valid interger value', then it bombs. I am trying to run this on XP- any suggestions? Thanks.
  4. Just wanted to let you all know I got them opened. Wasn't right clicking on the right file! Thanks.
  5. Cmarsha

    Russia 2008

    Probably this has been addressed but just got this to download and am wondering about the electoral system. Does Russia use electoral votes as the game indicates or, was this just put in to get past a system requirement for them to be there? Also doesnt Russia use a two-tier setup with a runoff a month or so later if no one gets a majority? If anyone has any knowledge of Russian politics would appreciate your reply, thanks.
  6. I have downloaded several scenerios but now find I cannot get some additional ones installed. I get as far as getting them pasted in my scenerio file. I then right click on the file and do NOT get an 'open with' option, just an 'open' I cannot get to the notepad as I have been able to in the past. Should I just delete and re-try this or what? Ideas? Thanks.
  7. Yes, @ time. I right click, then open as notepad. I copy the scenerio title exactly with the slash after, it just isnt recognizing it. I tried changing the spacing before and after the dashes, everything. Never had all this happen before.
  8. OK, now I dont feel so bad. Must be a server problem? Tried on Thursday evening and then again today, also tried to download Goldwater vs LBJ 1964 just now, same thing. Anybody in charge listening??
  9. I recently came back to this game after awhile, had several scenerios downloaded from before and have a pretty good idea how to do this. Now, I cannot seem to get anything installed. I follow the instructions and after entering the title in the notepad, save and then get error messages that the scenerion cannot be located. I think its some quirky thing about how the title is entered on the notepad. The one I am having trouble with is 'Bush'a Screw-Up 2008'. I use XP and have tried entering this several ways, still no go. One suggestion: people that create scenerios, please give them a simple t
  10. Cant help you on these but would also like to know what the heck the 'Out of Bounds' deal is all about. I kept getting this one repeatedly @ time I tried to reload and play my Doonesbury election game after my system crashed a few months ago. Happens @ time I try to do anything after starting a game. Finally had to take it off my system which I hated as I enjoyed the game, it wont run on my XP or on my older computer with Windows 98, same message on @. I get this message also on PF once in awhile but I click ESC and then it goes away and no harm done. I cannot find anything re this in any refe
  11. Here's a couple suggestions: 1. 1956: Eisenhower doesnt run due to health problems (this nearly happened) and its probably Nixon vs Stevenson or whomever. 2. 1964: JFK never went to Dallas and runs against Goldwater or Rockefeller Both are 'what if' types, maybe not so popular but still interesting!
  12. Cmarsha

    Other Games

    I have the Doonesbury election CD, played the heck out of it for a couple years. Now it wont work on my old system (Windows 98) or my new one (XP). I can install and start it up then I get some wierd message the first time I try to do anything- 'text out of bounds'. I click on the box to close and then I am tossed out. This happens on both my systems. I thought about downloading the one from the website but you have to pay for it and from what I see on feedback it doesnt work well. Any computer geeks out there who can tell me what the heck is wrong or is the CD possibly scratched or something
  13. For what it's worth, I'd also like to test this game. Thanks!
  14. Anyone know of a downloadable or CD game simulating a BRITISH General election? (UK). Have never been able to locate one, it'd be a bit involved due to over 600 individual contests involved but would like to see if there is any such animal. Thanks!
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