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  1. Can you send it to john29992@yahoo.com? Thanks a bunch!
  2. I agree the Far Left position wasn't great. It was all I could think of. Maybe something like this??? Far Left: Eliminate Restrictions on Stem Cell Research and massively increase funding for a Stem Cell "Manhattan Project!"
  3. Also, could the business tax issue be changed? Either Stem Cell Research or Religion/Faith would be an improvement, I think. Stem Cell Research Far Left: Move on to Human Cloning! Left: Eliminate Restrictions on Stem Cell Research and significantly increase funding. Center-Left: Eliminate Restrictions on Stem Cell Research. Center: Stem Cell Research raises ethical concerns, but the benefits are too great to pass up. Center-Right: Stem Cell Research Raises moral concerns so it should not be publicly funded, but private research is OK. Right: Stem Cell research takes human life and is im
  4. First of all, great job! I just had a lot of fun playing through the primaries with Obama. A number of the things I was going to say have already been said, but I'll say 'em anyway. 1) I like what you did with the lower undecideds. I actually had some trouble winning the primaries and couldn't just walk into Iowa and pick up 20% support in the first week of the game. Keep the undecideds and hard/soft support like it is! 2) Obama's experience should be 2, not 1. Just about every turn, I was getting a scandal on Obama/experience. While experience would be a weakness for Obama, as it was for E
  5. I've found that you really have to coordinate ads, barnstorming, and footsoldiers. In the old game, you could just run an ad by itself and you could pick up a lot of support, but in this one it works much better if you run a coordinated campaign. I normally start off by creating crusaders, setting my strategy to only include Iowa and New Hampshire, and barnstorming the heck out of Iowa. When my candidate is too tired to continue barnstorming, I create footsoldiers in Iowa. By doing this, within a few turns you can be up to 40 or 50 percent in Iowa. Then I move on to New Hampshire and do the sa
  6. Something strange happened in my attempt to win the 08 Dem primaries with Clark. I started by barnstorming the heck out of Iowa and New Hampshire and got them quickly on my side. Then I moved on to South Carolina and North Dakota and similarly was able to move them into my column by barnstorming. The Iowa Caucus came and I got 70%. In NH I got in the 40s. Then I tried to campaign in other states, like Missouri, New Mexico, Deleware, Etc. But no matter how much I and my crusaders barnstorm in these states, NO undecideds start supporting me. These are all states with 20-30% undecided, but even
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