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  1. The coding is probably doable, although maybe not within the way PF currently works - they'd have to create "regions within regions", which is what they did for UK Prime Minister Forever. So you'd have things like "targeting the Chicago media market will improve your standing in the Chicago subregion of Illinois and the Gary subregion of Indiana". Maybe this would be an idea for a later version.
  2. This one from Clark/Bayh's 2008 v6 scenario: Saved up my PIPs and got both Pataki and Romney to endorse me; by the time the game moved into the General Election, I had such a massive lead it was untrue. It was clear on election day that the critical factor wasn't whether I would win, it was whether I'd get up to 500 EVs.
  3. This would be a really bad idea. Although small-scale random events are appropriate for a game like this, an event with an effect as large as the one you postulated is going to be a game-killer; player skill will become marginalized relative to the effects of luck.
  4. You nabbed New York and the Democrats still won? Cool.
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    Mea culpa. That's How Well Established, isn't it? Ignore what I said earlier.
  6. Prime Minister Forever splits the UK up into regions, and then each region up into individual constituencies. I don't know if anything like that could be done for President Forever, or how you would make it work.
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    How Well Known is increased by doing Campaign Development. Every time you do this, your How Well Known increases by 5 - and when it gets to 100, your overall rating in it goes up by 1 and you get one more CP/day.
  8. I'm getting the "Save Game Bug" immediately on starting a new game with this scenario.
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