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  1. Please allow multiple styles of elections in Scenario Creation. I think all Campaigns forever users would agree mayoral and state election would be much easier with either PR or a city/state/nation total of overall votes. You could still keep the map divided into regions for campaigning purposes but allowing multiple election styles would add variety to user created scenarios - basically taking scenario creation to a whole new level.
  2. I was really looking forward to this and VoteGOP you can send it to me to work on for a little if you are too busy to finish
  3. Is this dead? I would be willing to work a little bit on it if you sent it to me.
  4. whe you give in Campaigns Forever a, "Has Majority" or osmething like that whne doing ballot status, that is what determines how congress votes. Not sure exactly how, but that is how that works
  5. make sure your not missing a number or attribute on a candidate's bio or in their primary numbers.
  6. Schwarzenagger wasn't born in the US he can't run. Also, I doubt that the parties will break up, I could see third parties becoming more relevant, and maybe a party like Roosevelt's Bull Moose every few years, but to have both parties break up would be dumb. It would break the electoral system, as no party would be able to get to 270. Look at Canada, even weith tihs system and five major parteis, it is almost impossible to get a majority with the BQ taking 50 seats out of play.
  7. How is this going, are you ready for me to do the NDP?
  8. voteGOP, can you do the conservatives and then send it to me, i'll do the NDP and then send it back to you for finalizing.
  9. i was really busy this week, i'm hoping to work on it this week end. if you want to do the conservatives, you can edit the one you have and then send it to me
  10. sure send it and I'll work on it on the weekend (you can do some of the Conservatives if you want)
  11. So what do you want me to do. Do i just redo the NDP and then send it to VoteGOP?
  12. When I download it there is only one party. Unless something on my computer is screwed up, you need at least 2 parties for it to work
  13. sure, I might not be able to get to it right away, but should be able to do it in the next few days if all you want is the NDP.
  14. A few questions: -Why are nominations only 48 hours long, shouldn't it go all month with a vote at the end of the month, it's the beginning of the month right now. -Usually when you do things like these you nominate someone else, who is really not given enough thanks for their contributions. You, however, have decided to nomiate your own scneario, which from what I have read from your own comments, is a 'quickie' scenario based off of a professional product, so what exactly vaults this scenario into the 'Scenario of the Month category? - What about some ground rules/regulations: What makes
  15. My copy only has the NDP done for candidates and i would say about half the map as well as the issues. I'm sure you'll e able to get it back. I've never heard of power outages frying hard drives, but if not my copy is only really behind on the map, correct? EDIT: This scenario looks like it will be a really good one to play
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