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  1. Please allow multiple styles of elections in Scenario Creation. I think all Campaigns forever users would agree mayoral and state election would be much easier with either PR or a city/state/nation total of overall votes. You could still keep the map divided into regions for campaigning purposes but allowing multiple election styles would add variety to user created scenarios - basically taking scenario creation to a whole new level.
  2. If this advanced comvention was implemeted with my endorsers become crusaders idea, you could choose your speakers with a possible benefit or a backlash. If you chose only the one's who supported you and left out diehard supporters of the other candidate (if it became a close primary battle like this year), you could lose some of your base support. If you split time between you and the other candidate's people, you could see a unity benefit. The twist, if it were at all possible to give different endorsers different base power levels (much like with crusaders), the speakers you chose would hav
  3. That's actually a great idea. They could have it set up for every primary day, but you would choose whether you wanted to actually watch it (like some people may not want to watch Wyoming)
  4. One idea is having the election night screen on primary days. You know how on general election night it goes to the vote counting screen. Why not have that on some of the bigger primary days, like Super Tuesday, the Potomac Primaries and the March 4 Primiaries. It would just get you a little bit more into the actual primary. Rather tha ntwenty messages saying: 'Clinton wins Alabama (Clinton _, Obama _)' 'Obama wins Arizona (Obama _, Clinton _)' and so on.
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