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  1. How can I add a map of Puerto Rico? How do I enter the data related to voting performance in each subdivision?
  2. I would like to make a scenario for gubernatorial elections in Puerto Rico, but I don't really know much of how to do this. I have the election data for Puerto Rico's gubernatorial elections going back to 1948. I know the candidates that I want to include both for the primaries and the general election. But I am really ignorant as to how to work with the Scenario creator. I would really appreciate some help from the experts in this forum.
  3. I thought you had applied already
  4. Maybe the NRCCC should have hired you to run their campaign in 2008.
  5. I could be doing something wrong but I thought that in Congress Forever the player could control both the House and Senate committees simultaneously. I'm I misinterpreting the way the game works or missing something in the screen so I can switch back and forth from the House to Senate? Thanks. Juan J Nolla
  6. I have played various times as the GOP but always run out of money just before the end of September and my fundraising is pathetic (even though I use it every turn). Can someone give me any ideas? How can I keep from running out of money? I target various seats in all regions of the country, I run ads locally, and I have all the crusaders. Maybe that's the principal reason why I run out of money so soon. However, since I generally have a projected majority at some point in mid-September, I would think that my fundraising should pick up as a result (the "go with the winner" syndrome).
  7. learning to play Congress Forever 2010

  8. I would like to know if there's going to be a candidate editor feature for Congress Forever, as it seems that the amount of money and cp's is very unrealistic. The fundraising is also unrealistic. Who can think of running a campaign for the 435 house seats with only $35 million?
  9. Could you please send me the scenarios to jjnolla@yahoo.com ?
  10. I'd like a copy as well: juanjosenolla2008@hotmail.com or jjnolla@yahoo.com
  11. juanjosenolla2008@hotmail.com Also, for the primary part of the scenario, you might want to add the following: Puerto Rico (23 R -65 D) US Virgin Islands Guam American Samoa Democrats Abroad (4 D) Obviously, these don't vote in the general election, but they have delegates to the national conventions. -Juan Jose Nolla
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