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  1. Coughlin was big in Michigan, but only among Catholics. Michigan would certainly be for him, I think, but not simply because of Father Coughlin--disaffected union strikers would put him over the top, plus a black population just beginning to emerge.
  2. Louisiana would be SOLID Long, even against FDR. The people loved him there like no one else. Oh, and with regards to the alternate history part of this scenario: Did Huey survive assassination, or was it never attempted? If he survived the bullet, it would only add to his reputation.
  3. Looks great, but Rapidshare won't let me download it...
  4. I can't open .rar files. If you put up a .zip, I'd be glad to test it. Thanks.
  5. Thanks. Right off the bat, I notice that if you skip the primaries, the Democrats have above fifty and the Republicans around 25. Dryer, Davis and Morgan all have 0% in the Democratic primary. There are a few typos in the candidate descriptions (liberalist isn't a word). That being said, the map is fantastic, and the issues appear to be extremely thoughtful and insightful. I'll have more on gameplay later.
  6. I'd love to, but I can't open a .rar file. If you put up a .zip, I'll test it for you.
  7. You have an old version of Campaigns Forever. You need to update. http://theoryspark.com/help/political_game...on-information/
  8. I would be for putting Secretary Clinton in as an "Off by Default" candidate, though I sincerely doubt she will run. She certainly won't get SCOTUS, though--even if age wouldn't stop a Presidential run, it would stop a Supreme Court nomination.
  9. I like it, but Brad Henry is term-limited in 2010. He'll have been out of office for six years. Can I recommend Missouri Governor Jay Nixon as an alternative?
  10. No, good catch. I'll have version 1.2.1 out within the week.
  11. This has been officially revived. Right now, issues are the biggest deal. Vietnam, Health Care, Inflation and Civil Unrest will be the most important ones. Anyone care to help?
  12. Cool. Some of the more established interest groups (Americans For Democratic Action, for one) have old ratings. They give a general liberal/conservative scale. Plus, Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72 painted a pretty detailed picture.
  13. I'll be reviving it within the next few weeks. 1960 was easier than I thought it would be, so I'll give 1972 the old college try.
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