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  1. Electric Monk death watch begins...now. Just kidding. Impressive win.
  2. Marc Corriveau is my charismatic State Representative who the Democrats have very high hopes for. He's a 3 leadership, a 4 integrity, a 2 experience, a 3 issue familiarity, a 5 charisma, 4 stamina and 4 debater I would say. Other Democrats: Mayor Dennis Archer (he is being pressured by some Democrats to run) Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano (he'd be a great candidate) Detroit Medical Center Chairman Mike Duggan (he would be a disaster for Democrats) And not Kwame. Please? For the Republicans, it's about right. I doubt that Land will run, but you can bet that Cox is in. He's bee
  3. If you have any questions, just ask. I'm from Michigan, and followed the elections very closely. Some issues (though you've probably finished that portion) would Great Lakes Water, Out of State Garbage, Small Business Tax and of course Balanced Budget is just about the biggest issue in the state right. What kind of candidates do you have? If at all possible, you should add State Representative Marc Corriveau as a sleeper. He has some great potential.
  4. YES!!! This should be the next big addition to the game. That and superdelegates, which may decide the Democratic nominee...
  5. It is now on Rapidshare. Sorry for the delay; I hope you all enjoy it.
  6. Oops... Gmail is certain that I was trying to send you all a virus. I'll try again tommorow morning.
  7. Rapid Share File I finished the scenario for Maine Senate - 2008. It includes Senator Susan Collins on the Republican side, and Representative Tom Allen on the Democratic side. Former Senator George Mitchell is included, but off by default. This is the first in my 2008 Senate scenarios. I intend on also doing Oregon (almost completed), Minnesota, New Hampshire, Virginia, Alaska, Oklahoma, and Idaho. Maybe more. Sorry about the wait...
  8. Maybe congressional district would be better. There are less of them. Plus, by CD you could distibute delegates the way that the Democrats actually do.
  9. Actually, DeVil DeVos ran ads in Windsor, looking for any US citizens living or working in Canada. Not sure if Granholm did it.
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