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  1. Looking for usable map for Kansas for a Kansas 2010 Senate race.

    Also any help with candidate standing on issues would be helpful.

    I have much respect for those who take the time to build a scenario and research the candidates and issues and such...

  2. I know, don't fundraise. I made it that way because President Obama was raising huge sums of money, much more then the Republicans. He would spend it and the election would be a blowout in his favor. I had to do things to balance the game.

    Luckly you gave Ventura money, but in real life Obama did out raise the Repub's and 3rd party's don't ever have a ton of money and have to raise it.

    Also looks like you didn't give Michigan and Florida delegates????

  3. Why hasn't anyone created scenario's from all the previous real life Presidential Elections? We had tons of them here for the old game. I don't really have the know how to create them, or the time.....but loved playing them.

    Second question is I see some people have started like the 1932 election, but I don't see how to download them. Any help?

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