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  1. jdl535

    Foot Soilders

    Do FS's help? Do they only help on election day, or do they help your poll numbers?
  2. guess i could make all the states have the same EC, but still could lose popular vote and win......stinks
  3. Is there a way to get rid of the EC and just go to a popular vote? Anything in Campaigns Forever to change to make this happen?
  4. Looking for usable map for Kansas for a Kansas 2010 Senate race. Also any help with candidate standing on issues would be helpful. I have much respect for those who take the time to build a scenario and research the candidates and issues and such...
  5. What i see in the when the Dem primary is held, whoever wins ends up with 0 delegates and who ever loses ends up with 1 delegate.
  6. Luckly you gave Ventura money, but in real life Obama did out raise the Repub's and 3rd party's don't ever have a ton of money and have to raise it. Also looks like you didn't give Michigan and Florida delegates????
  7. When I fundraise, I lose more money than I make. I'm using Ventura. I first thought it was cause I moved to another state. So I stayed in the same state and I still lost money. I brought in $650k and it cost me $4 mil.
  8. Why hasn't anyone created scenario's from all the previous real life Presidential Elections? We had tons of them here for the old game. I don't really have the know how to create them, or the time.....but loved playing them. Second question is I see some people have started like the 1932 election, but I don't see how to download them. Any help?
  9. When I start the game it says there is new updates and do you want to install them now...when I click yes, it shuts the game down and nothing happens.....what do i do?
  10. jdl535


    Miller helped Clinton out in 1992 while Govenor of Georgia.
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