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  1. Hi, It would help greatly if I could get the actual error messages that are being received when trying to create issues. Thanks.
  2. 1) What error message do you receive when deleting existing candidates. Can you describe the process you followed? i.e. Creating a new scenario, opening and editing an existing on, or creating from existing. 2) There is a "View Errors" button on the bottom left. What errors are you receiving during step 5 that it won't enable step 6. 3) Does the scenario you're starting up compile without any errors? Make sure that the "Auto Save after each Step" under the options menu item is checked. This will ensure that each time you finish in a step, it will save your scenario. So the most you w
  3. One thing to check is that there are 18 issues in total. The game won't work with more or less.
  4. What are you changing in the issues? There are several places that access the issues file. They are in the parties.xml and political_units.xml. Just make sure the id's correlate and you should be fine.
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