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  1. For some reason, the number of delegates to the Dem convention from Florida and Michigan seems to be set at only one each. How do I change this?
  2. I'd like to take a look at this scenario, esp with a Gore 'Nobel' boost. Also suggest making sure the primary dates are updated from the base version. The Dem primaries in particular seem to have moved forward in a number of states. south53@genie.co.uk
  3. I know I'm not allowed, but I am desperate to get in on this debate... Good job I'm on the plane tomorrow; otherwise I might have thrown a sickie from work to sort out the argument!
  4. I endorse your candidature by return and look forward to our campaign trail adventure...
  5. For which I read: Damn those abolitionists and that civil rights movement...!
  6. You'll be pleased to know I already have...
  7. I know parts of the US are still having this debate (and that parts of the US believe they were created as apes and apes they're going to stay...), but is this poll for real?!
  8. *** This following message is approved by the steve_cov for Site Senate campaign. *** I appeal to you, the voters, to put your faith in me. I am a literate debater who posts when the topic requires it and when I have something new and constructive to add to the debate. For voters' enlightenment, I have summarised my views on key subjects on Page 14 of the very long "What is your platform?" thread elsewhere on the board. I repeat that I will sit as a Democrat site senator but with a tendency towards independence. I may be a foreigner, but I do hold a BA in American History and am consideri
  9. As I have now announced my candidature for the site senate, I feel it is time for you all to see inside my mind. Abortion.......................... L I support a woman's right to determine what happens to her body. I do not condone unconditional abortion; I believe that a woman ought to gain confirmation from two doctors before it can take place (actually, the UK position). This is usually on the grounds of potential physical or mental harm to the mother if the pregnancy continues. Affirmative Action............. no particular position I support moves to help people from minority backgro
  10. Foreign-born people can stand for all posts except President, I believe. In that case, I am delighted to announce my candidature for Site Senate. I will sit as a Democrat but may be prone to moments of independent thought...
  11. Speaking as somewhat of an expert, can you tell me what is excessive about equality? I remember being rather surprised at the remark of the then Chief Rabbi in the UK in the House of Lords during a debate on the equalisation of the age of consent for gay men: "Just because minorities demand equality, it doesn't mean they should get it." From the Chief Rabbi, I repeat. Frankly, it doesn't matter whether or not you agree with a concept: it's not really for you to agree or disagree with. I disagree with the concept of breakfast so I don't eat it; I don't stop others eating it. I disagree wit
  12. Presumably David Lloyd George as the UK prime minister of the day...?
  13. Firstly, you have to demarcate the map using black. Then, if you open your map using Paint or a similar package, the screen will display a pair of co-ordinates. If you choose any point within the boundary of your state, that will ensure it is coloured appropriately.
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