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  1. TWA 800 was on July 17, 1996. Atlanta Olympic bombing was ten days later on the 27th. The Dole baseball gaffe was September 18. He fell off stage on the 19th. The others I'm not sure on. Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think word of the campaign funding scandal came out until 1997.
  2. Next time you send them out: hurricanedude96@aol.com Thanks!
  3. Just wondering. Will you be adding Bob Barr to the next version?
  4. I've gotten 269-269 results multiple times, but by far the closest popular vote I ever got was this (Did the math for you!)
  5. Gold 2.0.4 Beta, all I changed were the pictures. I played as Bloomberg.
  6. Little bug fix, not sure if you're aware - in 2.0.4 beta, McCain never gets any votes in Wyoming in the primaries or general election (if he is the nominee.) Pretty easy to rectify, just letting you know though Another note - Mike Gravel will be running as a Libertarian. Any chance he'll be added?
  7. Is it too obvious to say that Integrity will be a big issue?
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