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  1. I will play as the Conservatives, allthough I need a quick refresher on how this will work
  2. My above strategy works even better with martin, its an almost guaranteed 135-165 seat win. But once you can win with harper, its pretty easy to win with martin.
  3. When playing as harper, just use 25 targeting points, and split them between Northern Eastern Ontario, and Southern Ontario. Run three positive ads, and 1 negative against Martin. Only take 2 days to create ads. Run them all at once one day a week, Just before the weekly poll is taken, on the #2 day of the week. Spend most of your time barnstorming in Northern Eastern Ontario, and Southern Ontario. Even if at some point you are dominating those regions, continue to split your 25 targeting points between those two regions. This way you will be in command of the two biggest regions in the game,
  4. THey look pretty good. Send them all to spencerfernando@hotmail.com
  5. Great Job! this is my favorite scenario. Congratulations
  6. http://www.C:\Documents and Settings\Spencer\My Documents\My Pictures\election.bmp
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