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  1. I'd like a shot at it myself. jklpirate [at] yahoo.com
  2. Highscores are fixed as of 1.2.8, but James Ford seems to have disappeared from Edmonton - Sherwood Park again (I'm pretty sure he was in through 1.2.7).
  3. Two more issues for the dev team: - I'm noticing that you can't run ads or create scandals on Leadership/Integrity/Experience like in previous games - bug or deliberate? (And if it's the latter, what's the point of still having it in the game?) - High score calculation needs fixing BADLY. We're talking Conservative majorities and Greens with double-digit seats getting slapped with "Disastrous" and not even being put on the high score screen despite open spaces here.
  4. A riding note: James Ford is running again in Edmonton - Sherwood Park as an independent, where he almost beat the Conservative candidate last time. He is not currently in the game (and honestly, I don't think he was in the last one either). Regarding minor-party candidates: I don't know if there's a 2011 Wonk Edition coming down the pipeline, but will some/all of these candidates be put in the regular campaign as independents in a coming update?
  5. Looks like two capital E's with the accent aigu - I'll cover the accent grave: È
  6. I posted something, but realized I'd misread one of the posts above - nothing more. BTW, anyone see a a button to properly delete one's own posts? I would have done that if I'd seen it.
  7. Here as well - jklpirate at yahoo.com, as usual.
  8. Ditto here - jklpirate [at] yahoo.com
  9. Ditto with P4E Alberta, and now P4EP (with an explanation of why no save has come TheorySpark's way yet) over in General Questions here.
  10. From one fellow Perot player to another, let's see if we can figure this out: Energy: There should be a CP (command points) marker next to the candidate's portrait on the lower left of the screen. Different activities take different amounts of CPs, and you can only spend so many in a turn. If you overspend your CPs, your candidate loses energy over and beyond the amount he/she normally loses on activities; the more you overspend, the worse the effect is. If you want your candidate to have more CPs, do the "Organize Campaign" activity until your candidate's "How Well Organized" stat levels up
  11. Played it, have to agree with Commoncold on the target - WAY too steep. In comparison, Thatcher got 339/635 in 1979 and "only" 397/650 in the 1983 drubbing of Michael Foot.
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