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  1. Hmmmmm... okay then I'm guessing that I am using the wrong software. There's no "Step 5" or any other steps. I'm using the "candidate editor". Is there a separate scenario editor I can download?
  2. I don't see any party numbers or anything like that. None of the other tabs have any states with numbers to edit. Arggg...
  3. I'm trying to use candidate editor to make a scenario that starts close to the latest polls, with Obama ahead. So I went into the "Percentages" tab in the candidate editor and updated all the "leaning" numbers to match the current polls. But it didn't do anything at all! Is there something else I'm supposed to do?
  4. So now all I need to know is how to delete this dumbass topic. I'm embarrassed!
  5. Oh ok I figured it out. I guess auto-update has been removed. Thanks!
  6. Weird! My auto-updating isn't getting it.
  7. Hey could we get Sarah Palin in an update soon? It's been over a month since she was picked!! [ignore this-- auto-update doesn't work anymore, and Sarah Palin is indeed in the latest update.]
  8. Ron Paul has no chance. But every online poll puts him in like 1st, because online people tend to looooove him. So I think adding him to the game should be the kind of priority where it gets its own patch, and is done like, today.
  9. MSNBC reports that Frist has decided not to run in 2008.
  10. Well this wasn't entirely off of one test-- there was a reason I tested it, because I had noticed it happening every time I kept Peroutka in. In the Hillary - Newt matchup, Peroutka pulled in about 8%, drawing Hillary's numbers down by about 4.5%, and Newt numbers down by about 3.5%. Consider this should be more of a 0.5% / 7.5% split at least.
  11. I actually tested this. I played as the Libertarian, and just hit spacebar to quickly run through the election. I made the two main candidates Hillary and Newt, and spies, economy, and fog of war turned off. I did this with the Constitution candidate on, then off. When I turned him off, more of Peroutka's votes went to Hillary. I'll try to test it a few more times and with different candidates and post my results.
  12. Okay I got all those percentages set so I could run my scenario. But now when I start the game, I get this error, and it won't go any further: Cannot open file graphics//map_icons//flag-president_.bmp. I just though I'd put this here as my participation in the beta process. I'm really stumped on what to do next.
  13. I've downloaded and used this feature. I really like it! I haven't played a game with it yet, but I have edited and added a lot of candidates. I'll give it a test run and let you know how it goes! One initial impression is that the pictures are a hassle. Maybe include some generic bitmaps in the game folder?
  14. How do I add another party? EDIT: oops I read now that there's no way. Well, maybe go ahead and add a Green party, and an "Independent" party to cover everything else?
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