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  1. fishball3414@gmail.com You should get all your scenarios up on the main scenarios page.
  2. ramseyman


    There are about ten spam threads in the German political forum.
  3. Clark/Bayh, have you ever considered find a download host for your scenarios, seeing that your email list is getting so long.
  4. I don't really get why you and Christian get so caught up in accusing people of anti-Americanism. You guys don't even live in the U.S.
  5. I've also noticed this. I played one game where Badarnik jumped from about 4% to nearly 11% in the election.
  6. In the old President Forever, the screen used to choose where ads ran was split between non-strategy and strategy states, and also showed the % amount that the player's candidate was ahead or behind in each state. It would be nice if this screen was implemented in President Forever Primaries.
  7. I get the exact same problem. Even if New York is not in the strategy, the crusaders will stay there.
  8. Had the most annoying game today. It was about two weeks before the democratic convention and I have almost 1000 delegates more than Hilary and I am about 15% higher. Then in one week, Edwards and Gore endorse her for some reason. Gore has about 700 delegates and Edwards has 500. She ends up just beating me for the nomination, even though at this point I have nearly 20% higher than her.
  9. I'm still getting the savegame bug in this scenario, even after the new update.
  10. Does anyone think that the second place finisher in Iowa should get a small bit of momentum?
  11. Looks like Bayh's out of the picture. I'm thinking that Edwards has a shot at getting the nomination, considering his support in Iowa. In some recent polls, he has the most support out of any candidate in Iowa.
  12. I'm also getting the save game bug. I can save fine in all the other scenarios, only in this scenario do I encounter it. I get this error message: "Access violation at address 004152F7 in module 'p4e.exe'. Read of address 00000000."
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