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  1. So there is probably something I'm missing here but: A.) No matter how many times I do issue knowledge and debate prep my candidate always has a debate meltdown. It's really pissing me off to be honest.What am I doing wrong? B.) How do I get to do interviews like the other candidates? I've looked around and for the life of me can't figure out how. Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  2. Yeah, the scenarios I plan on doing once I get C4E are: 1860 1896 1912 1936 1948 1968 Germany: 1933
  3. Yeah thanks Warner12'! I will get Campains forever once I get the $$$ to but it. I too think Huey Long was awesome. Auctually, when I go into politics I plan to be a lot like him! I was thinking along the lines of him evading assisination and doing what he planned to do. That's really the heart of this scenario. He would start with the South pretty much in his pocket and with a strong showing in the midwest. FDR would be strong on the coasts and the northeast. I'm also thinking of adding Gerald Winrod as a hypothetical Republican contender. Also, I'm thinking of making a Germany 1933 scenario. It will be Nazia vs Communists vs Social Democrats mainly, but also with the other parties. Just I don't know how to get a map of Germany for it.
  4. I was thinking maybe we could work ona 1936 election scenario. Unfortunatley I have no modding skills so maybe I will have to wait for campains forever to be released. Well, here's what I'm thinking: CANDIDATES: DEMOCRATS: President Franklin D. Roosevelt (NY) Lawyer Henry S. Breckinridge (NY) Senator Huey Long (LA) (defaulted to off, as a good what-if, seeing he was planning a run in '36 and was popular nationwide) REPUBLICANS: Governor Alf Landon (Kansas) Senator Arthur Vandenburg (Michigian) Senator Charles McNary (Oregon) Senator Lester Dickinson (Iowa) Fmr. President Herbert C. Hoover (California) ISSUES: Role of Government Civil Rights Interventionism/Isolationism Trade Economy Immigration Crime Labor Relations Communism Aid to Cities Education Fascism So, what do ya think? Thanks in advance.
  5. Could someone here please upload this scenriao to rapidhare and link it here.
  6. CCC

    historical scenarios

    Speaking of that, here are some new scenarios I STRONGLY recommend : 1968 1976 1984 1988 Why? 1968: It was one of the closet elections in US history and was critical in the future of our nation. Intresting primary season on the Dem side aswell. Also had a major 3rd party candidate(Wallace). 1976: It was also a very close election, it also helareled the rise of Jimmy Carter, and made the asension of Ronald Reagan inevitable. 1984: Not a close election by a longshot, but had an EXTREMELEY close primary season on the Dem side betewwn Mondale and Hart. 1988: A close election in the popular vote. Also had the first major black candidate to seriously compete for a major partys nomination(Jackson). Plus many say that Dukakis defeating Bush as very possible. I heard that they decide which elections to do based on how close/important they were so why haven't 1968 and 1976 already been included?
  7. Yeah, I just did that thanks. But one other thing, I'm trying to make an auctual candidate now. How do I set the percentages, and what do they do? I've no idea as to how to use this feature.
  8. Send it here too! corylee234@hotmail.com Thanks.
  9. In the auctual game, he's there in the editior.
  10. Whenever I try to add a VP something goes wrong. First I add the Veep, then when I go to selecet him he isn't there. What should I do? Thanks in advance.
  11. Are you sure you don't mean 1984 Mondale V. Hart? Because in 1988 it was mainly Jackson V. Dukakis.
  12. GOP: McCain/Romney Dems: Clinton/Obama Winner: Clinton/Obama That's the one I'm going with, but here are some other possible lineups: GOP: Romney/McCain Dems: Obama/Edwards GOP: McCain/Gingrich Dems: Clinton/Edwards GOP: Gingrich/Romney Dems: Edwards/Obama
  13. Bare with me for I have yet to buy the game, but what exactly does "turned off by default" mean? Either way I don't think you should make any candidate unplayable because some folks may wish to play "what if" games and not everyone knows how to mod shit and that would be depriving them of gameplay.
  14. I think you should leave George Allen in the game because some people may wish to play certian "what-if" games.
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