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  1. Oh, thanks! Found it and used it, I appreciate that.
  2. Ditto. I'd like to help with the beta, if possible.
  3. Ok, umm, why is McClintock not in the Republicans column and frontrunner for their nomination? (judging from screenshots)
  4. Shouldn't Perot have a more difficult goal than 0 EVs? Maybe 20% National vote and 100EVs?
  5. Snefix

    Canada 2007

    Copy for Snefix@yahoo.com, please.
  6. Snefix

    Canada 2007

    Hey, look, everyone thought there would be an election this year, and now it's December with nary a thought of an election in sight. Good job, Harper. Longest Conservative minority government ever.
  7. Would a Canadian version really work? There's no electoral votes in Canada.
  8. It says on the order page that PF+P requires Windows XP, but I was wondering if it was possible for the game to run on a Win98 system?
  9. Anyone know if this works on a Windows 98 operating system?
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