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  1. Howdy, it has been awhile since I've checked back here--almost a year--and once of the reasons I wanted to write is that I can no longer find the installable for the version of Prez 4ever that I bought before. How, if possible, can I get a new install, or should I just upgrade to the new version? (I'm pretty sure I had the previous version, I don't think the new version was even out yet...). Anyway, any help is appreciated and, as always, love your games, Aaron
  2. Ah, that makes sense. Okeedokee, thanks!
  3. This all sounds wonderful. Would you mind sending a copy to me as well? aaron@thepoliticalvoice.org Thanks! Aaron
  4. Howdy, I'm playing my second game right now and I've got a problem. Neither my Prez. nor my VP candidate have a fundraiser button after the primaries. This seems odd given what is in the Help file. Also, I had whooped butt in the primaries, so I accumulated about $5 million before the party convention, but when the election began it only gave me my base $70 million that the Democrats usually get. Why is that? Is this part of the spending limits? Oh, btw, I ended the first game at the end of the primaries since that game was really meant as a learning experience, so I hadn't really come
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